Fox News Refuses To Air Ad Exposing Hypocrisy Of Their Hosts

Fox News has rejected an ad from MoveOn that showed the text messages sent back and forth between hosts at the network following the 2020 election. The texts are a pivotal part of the defamation lawsuits the network is facing, and MoveOn wanted the audience to know that they were being lied to for profit, as their ad claims. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what happened, and where the ads should really be airing.

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Fox News has rejected an ad from the group They were attempting while they created this ad, and they wanted to air it on Fox News. They said, Hey, we’ve got an ad. We followed your guidelines. We’ve got the money to pay to run the ad on your network, so let’s do it. And Fox News took one look at the ad and said, oh, hell no, we’re not gonna run this. So what is the ad? I’m sure everybody’s wondering by this point. Well, here it is. This is from MoveOn. This is the ad. They tried to get onto Fox News, but Fox News rejected it. Take a look. First and foremost, I gotta tell you, that is phenomenal turnaround on that ad. I mean, really great job. Very simple, very sleek. I like it. If I were an advertising executive, I would approve that ad cuz I love it.

But obviously Fox News does not because it shows what Hypocrites and liars they’re hosts are on the network. So yeah, of course Fox News is gonna reject that. I don’t think that’s News. I don’t think that’s worthy of all the headlines that this story got this week. But here’s the thing. I know that MoveOn did it. They knew that Fox News was gonna reject it and that way it was gonna draw more publicity to it. So it was actually a smart move. But here’s what’s an even smarter move. Run the ad on a, B, C, run it on CBS b s. Run it on N B NBC and don’t run it during the Sunday morning Political talk shows. Run it during primetime, run it during Dancing with the Stars and Survivor. Run it during Young Sheldon. Run it when people are actually watching tv. Not political news, not the people consuming political news because they already know this stuff.

It’s the average everyday person out there who doesn’t pay a bit of attention to politics. They need to be made aware of this. That’s what I want to see. I think it’s a phenomenal ad. You just gotta get it in front of the right people and in order to do that, yet it takes a lot of money. I don’t imagine that it’s cheap to run a primetime ad on a b, abc, cbs, or Fox, but I also know that Move on is phenomenal at raising money and they can get those funds if they really try. So that is where I would like to see the ad go. Put it in front of millions of people who are not consuming political news. That’s what you need to do. That’s where it can have the most impact.

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