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Are you looking for a NEW WAY to Advertise Locally in KC? Are you looking for an Active advertising solution for your business? AdvertiseKC is the Only Social Media Advertising Solution you'll need. We don't use news paper ads or radio ads. We don't use billboards or tv commercials. We use 100% Organic KC Social Media to provide the largest exposure available. If you have ever tried to pay social media platforms like Facebook for ads you know this is not a joke. These companies like Facebook will exhaust your budget quick. With most of the time no good results. Most small businesses pay Facebook $1-$5 per click. This is getting out of control. You have to pay Facebook even if the click doesn't buy from you. 


Paying Facebook is a huge problem. SO WE FIXED THAT!

Yeah we fixed that like nobody else has before.

AdvertiseKC leveraged it's Local Kansas City Influence to grow one of the largest audiences you can find on Facebook. Years ago we started building Facebook Groups for KC people about all kinds of things from Selling Cars to Buying Clothes. We built places for Local Musicians to Helpful Moms. We have hundreds of thousands of members in our groups today and we have just launched a way for local businesses to access our groups for unlimited advertising 24 hours a day.

We built this KC audience for one reason. To Bypass Paying Facebook For Ads. We wanted to have our own audience that we can share ads with anytime we wanted without Facebook trying to bankrupt us. So we built Facebook Groups and we built a lot of them. We ended up making more groups than we had advertisers for. We realized that we had grown so big that we could help much more than just our advertisers and could now help all KC businesses reach this audience.

So we made AdvertiseKC to bring all KC businesses together with Social Media for a fraction of what it would cost ANY OTHER WAY. We don't charge hourly or per campaign. We don't charge per click or per anything. That isn't what we are about. We simply ask that KC Businesses become AdvertiseKC sponsors. It's that simple.

AdvertiseKC offers a great sponsor package for your business that brings your brand and your ads to our entire KC audience for only $49 a month. AdvertiseKC Sponsors have 100% exclusive promotional access to every single one of our list of KC groups. Our sponsors are able to share ads in every one of our groups as often as they like. No Restrictions! This bring in thousands of views per hour 24 hours per day 7 days a week. The amount of Free Exposure is limitless.

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