15+ Marketing Tricks Each Store Uses

Everything in a store is designed to make you part with your savings. Marketers use your sense of smell, sight, and sound to get you to spend more money. But that’s not all. Stores aren’t above using dirty psychological tricks to manipulate you. Let’s have a look at the most popular ones!

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– Prices ending in “.99” 0:30
– Music that is slower than your heartbeat 0:54
– Huge “sale” signs in their windows 1:13
– Loyalty cards 1:29
– Discounted goods 1:43
– Bogus coupons 2:08
– Luring you with candy 2:30
– “Limited-time offer” 2:50
– Reducing the volume of packaging 3:05
– Discounts that are easy to calculate 3:24
– Bright colors 3:45
– Confusing store design 4:00
– Putting pricier items at eye level 4:38
– The trick of bulk pricing 5:24
– Free shipping 5:52
– Guaranteed refund 6:08
– Rude salespeople 😱 6:27
– The abundance of shopping baskets 6:44
– BOGO (“Buy one, get one”) 7:10

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– Stores play music that is slower than your heartbeat to make you spend more time wandering about!
– Marketing experts know about this human quirk and place huge “sale” signs in their windows.
– One more hook that stores use to make you come back again and again is loyalty cards.
– Beware of bogus coupons! At first glance, they seem to help you save money. But in reality, they are nothing but advertisements.
– Don’t let yourself be tricked by words about a “limited-time offer.” The catch is that if you believe the offer won’t last long, you’ll most likely act impulsively.
– Have you noticed that you’ve been paying the same price for less product recently? Some manufacturers steadily reduce the volume of their packaging while the cost remains the same.
– Marketing experts use bright colors to enhance your mood, thus encouraging you to buy more.
– By rearranging their products, retailers make you wander around the store in confusion.
– Stores put pricier items at eye level to make you pay attention to them first.
– To make you spend much more than you intended, stores use the trick of bulk pricing.
– There are different BOGO varieties with the most popular ones being “Buy one item, get one for free” and “Buy one item, get the second one 50% off.”

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