Zune Downloads Explosion

Zune Downloads Explosion

Downloading Your Media Files

This is simple, all you have to do is save your favorite files ( music movies or games ) to a main file in your computer and then transfer those files using your USB cord and software. I know this may seem a little complicated but once you get the idea of how it works, you will find your self doing it more and more often.

Where to find Downloads.

This is a very popular question among many young adults across the world. If your like any of these people I’m sure one of the first things you did when you got your first Zune-player, You went straight to the Market place to start downloading everything you could possibly want.

The Disappointment

After you got your new Zune you head on over to the marketplace, most new Zune player’s come with a trial. Once people arrive they are very excited to start downloading music and movies. With the other 30% of buyers, they however, do not get this free trial membership but are only told to go to the marketplace to get zune downloads, and soon realize they have to pay a monthly membership. ” They are not so excited then”

Marketplace Disappointment #2

Once there and after you become use to how the process of the downloads work your trial membership ends. But you also realize there is no movies or video downloads either ( no one knows why ) or games. So once you become aware of this you decide to look elsewhere and pass up renewing your Marketplace membership due to they have limited media files to download.

The Download Search Begins

You begin your search for Downloads online after your disappointment with the Marketplace. Suddenly you see an abundance of ZuneDownload websites every where and you become over whelmed and not sure where to go. So then you begin looking for free downloads only to be disappointed again because every websiteunder that keyword phrase “Free Zune Downloads” wants a price. What ever happened to free?

Fee for Download

You might find yourself at one these websites that offer a charge for each download ranging anywhere form 10 cents to $1.00. You are disgusted only then you think to yourself there has got to be something better. So you start searching for Zune sites to join that have the lowest monthly cost. You are disgusted once again.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pay once ?

For downloading as many music, movies, games, screen savers and every other type of forever with no monthly cost or per download fees? Of course it would and that’s why going to the new Zune Download Center you can find the best and only the top 3 websites online to download from.

After you have finished reading this article that’s exactly what you should do. Visit the Download Center, choose one of the top three picks and get your downloads for the rest of your life for one price and one price only.

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