Your Business Mission - To Communicate Effectively With Your Marketplace, Employees and Family

Your Business Mission – To Communicate Effectively With Your Marketplace, Employees and Family

You hear it said enough. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

As a business owner, employer or family member, communication has always been an important tool for success in the marketplace, with employees that understand the mission and vision of their workplace, and of course, in the foundation of a healthy family.

Perhaps of no greater importance is the use of right communications in the current business and personal environment we are now experiencing.

Current media outlets are projecting “crisis” in every segment of our way of life. Still others are stating that events though serious are cyclical. “Crisis” or “cyclical, you, as a business owner, employer or head of family cannot afford to react with a fear driven vision of your future.

Acknowledging the current difficulties is fair. Communicating with your marketplace, employees and yes, family holds even more importance.

Just as you had developed your business mission and vision statements for your product or service then identified your strategic plans to accomplish your success, it is now time to meet with employees to review openly and effectively the future of your business and their role in it.

Your marketplace is familiar with the level of service or product you produce. They too are undergoing change. It is important to communicate that you recognize their challenges and want to work on solutions that will enable both of you to succeed. Effective communication in this arena further ensures future business and loyalty. As for family members, do not ignore the need for dialogue because you assume other members understand current events. They can successfully “do” with less materially but not without the safety of right communications with one another.

As a business and as an employer, your best communication tools can be found if you have developed effective mission and vision statements. If you have reviewed them in the course of your business life they should not be outmoded, outdated or oblivious to the changes in the external environment of your business.

You are able to re-access the product or services with your employees in meaningful dialogue on day-to-day operations as well as strategic and long range planning. You can be sure there are some great problem solvers and leadership within your organization that will rise to this current marketplace. Not only can these communications be effective, but ultimately, prove respectful to all concerned.

Certainly the same can be said for the health of your family members. Ducking concerns and questions about the family’s financial future and well-being weakens the very foundation of a family. Right communications would dictate that with age appropriate considerations and honest discussion a family can find that difficult times can bring unifying strengths and appreciation to its members.

Having your marketplace, employees or family second guessing on the next actions you are considering is undermining the very hard work and financial investment you have built for your professional and personal life. Communicating your considerations with all concerned, while helping build solutions to theirs is bound to retain clients, good employees, family well being and ultimate respect for your effort.

It took communicating the ideas of your business to create it. Use this important tool to maintain it. It is your business mission.

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