You Say Tomato

You Say Tomato: A Kansas City Institution

In the bustling neighborhood of Waldo, Kansas City, one establishment stands out amongst the rest. That establishment is You Say Tomato, a cozy café that serves delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. But how did this café become such an essential part of the community, and how did AdvertiseKC play a vital role in their success?

The Beginning of You Say Tomato

The owners – Erin and Doug – opened You Say Tomato’s doors in 2007 with a dream of serving good food and coffee to the people of Kansas City. Erin, an accomplished chef, brought her culinary skills to the café, while Doug managed the business side of things. They were determined to create a warm and welcoming space where locals could gather, relax, and enjoy quality food.

The Path to Success

You Say Tomato became an instant hit in Waldo, thanks to their diverse menu of breakfast, lunch, and brunch items. Their dishes, made with fresh ingredients and served in generous portions, attracted foodies from all corners of Kansas City. Word of mouth quickly spread, and the café became more popular by the day.

But You Say Tomato’s success was not just due to their tasty food. Their superb customer service and community engagement played significant roles in building a loyal following. Erin and Doug made sure to greet every customer with a smile and remember their names. They also worked hard to connect with the local community by participating in events, sponsoring little league teams, and sourcing ingredients from nearby farms.

The Role of AdvertiseKC

Despite their excellent reputation and word-of-mouth marketing, Erin and Doug realized that they needed to take their business to the next level through advertising. That’s when they discovered AdvertiseKC. AdvertiseKC provided a range of services, including social media management, email marketing, and website design.

AdvertiseKC’s social media management played a crucial role in expanding You Say Tomato’s online presence. They created engaging content, posted regularly, and responded to reviews and messages promptly. Their email marketing campaigns informed customers about daily specials, upcoming events, and menu changes. AdvertiseKC’s website design team also helped revamp You Say Tomato’s outdated website, making it more user-friendly and optimized for search engines.

Pricing Compared to Competitors

AdvertiseKC’s pricing is highly competitive compared to other advertising agencies in Kansas City. They offer various pricing models, including monthly retainer and hourly rates, depending on the services required. Their pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees, and their services are customizable to suit any budget.


Q: What are the hours of operation for You Say Tomato?

A: You Say Tomato is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Q: What is the address for You Say Tomato?

A: You Say Tomato is located at 2801 Holmes Street, Kansas City, MO 64109.

Q: How can I contact You Say Tomato?

A: You Say Tomato can be reached at (816) 756-5097, or you can email them at

Q: Does You Say Tomato offer catering services?

A: Yes, You Say Tomato offers catering services for events of all sizes. Contact them for more information.

Q: What is the atmosphere like at You Say Tomato?

A: You Say Tomato has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. They also have a selection of board games and books for customers to enjoy.

Social Media

Follow You Say Tomato on social media to stay up to date on their latest menu items, events, and promotions.



In conclusion, You Say Tomato has become an essential part of the Kansas City community, thanks to their delicious food, superb customer service, and community engagement. AdvertiseKC played a significant role in their success by providing a range of advertising services that expanded their online presence and connected them with new customers. With their focus on quality and authenticity, You Say Tomato is sure to remain a Kansas City institution for years to come.

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