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Our local Goodwills are starting to re-open and after waiting a few days for things to calm down, I decided to take a trip and see what I could find for resale.

Crazy Lamp Lady on eBay:
ND Treasures on eBay:
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Relic Recoverist (Treasure Hunting):
JoceLizabeth (Vlog):
Naughty Dog Treasures (Treasure Hunting):
SueMe (Sue’s Channel):
Ashtonator (Kid Shenanigans):


JE on Facebook:
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…and products that you ask about…

Rollo Thermal Label Printer:
Neewer Ring Light:

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Backup Camera – Canon G7x Mark II (
Haul Camera – Canon Rebel EOS t7i (

Eyeglass Frames – Lacoste Eyeglass Frames (
Foundation – Clinique Beyond Perfecting (
Hair Care – KeraColor Clenditioner (
MoonDoggieCoffee – Coffee & Saving Hounds (

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