Xplocial Minute 004 | DanT | 100K Downline Builder FB Group |Advertising | 7-21-13

Dan Thompson, Xplocial Acct Exec — 720-371-2000
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We have a very powerful way to change your financial situation incredibly fast! Even better… we have a way to profoundly affect other people, one person at a time. But before we go into that, let’s look at…

The Bottom Line…
We have some of the highest unemployment numbers in history. More people than ever are looking for work or a second way to earn money.
Losses on people’s retirement funds by 20% and more. Many have lost as much as 50% of their nest egg in the stock market due to recent economic troubles.
With Social Security and Medicare in question, many of us are wondering how secure our retirement really will be.
Gas prices are at an all-time high which means less money in your pocket.
Companies both big and small are going out of business, just like that.
YOU MUST take charge of your own “Personal Economy!”
You Receive TWO Major Benefits
By Joining The “Xplocial” Program…
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Opportunity, Success, Vision, Integrity, Ambition
What will you achieve? The possibilities are vast. You might achieve freedom from the daily grind and morning commute. It’s even possible to end up with a bank account that you never have to worry about. Once you generate enough momentum, you could even have an income-generating machine that frees you from the pressures of making money. Then you will be able to enjoy life like never before…
You’ll have a flexible business opportunity that allows you to work as your schedule allows. You don’t need any specific background or experience – we have a turnkey system to help you succeed.
No inventory to maintain
Unlimited open territory
Comprehensive training and support
Start your business part-time
No business experience or degree required
Earn income while you learn
A historic shift is taking place in the business world today. More than ever, people are striking out on their own and starting their own businesses. The old idea of 9 to 5 until you’re 65 is out and a new age – the age of the entrepreneur – is dawning.
Xplocial is so much more than just a business. It’s a lifestyle that puts you in control!
You decide your schedule, so you can work your business around family and personal priorities.
You decide your income level based on the time and effort you’re willing to invest.
You decide when and where you want to work, who you want to work with, and what you want to achieve.

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