Woodyard BarBQue

Woodyard BarBQue: A Kansas City Culinary Institution

Woodyard BarBQue in Kansas City has been on the map for decades, serving up some of the most mouth-watering meats in the area. It all started with Frank Schloegel and his family, who bought the Woodyard property in the early 1900s, and began selling wood to local customers. As the demand for charcoal grew, they started selling hickory wood for smoking meats, and eventually, they began cooking their meats too. Today, Woodyard BarBQue is a Kansas City institution, beloved by locals and tourists alike. Their smoked meats are still cooked over hickory wood, and their sauces and rubs are made from scratch.

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Q: What is Woodyard BarBQue’s address?
A: 3001 Merriam Ln, Kansas City, KS 66106

Q: How can I contact Woodyard BarBQue?
A: Phone: (913) 631-8888, Email:

Q: What services does AdvertiseKC offer?
A: AdvertiseKC offers web design and development, social media management, SEO, email marketing, and more.

Q: How has AdvertiseKC helped Woodyard BarBQue succeed?
A: AdvertiseKC has helped Woodyard BarBQue increase its visibility and reach more potential customers through services like website design, social media marketing, and SEO.

Q: Is AdvertiseKC pricing competitive?
A: Yes, AdvertiseKC’s pricing is very competitive compared to other digital marketing agencies. They offer customizable packages to fit the needs and budgets of each business they work with.

In conclusion, Woodyard BarBQue is a Kansas City gem, and the success they have achieved over the years is due in large part to their commitment to quality and the help they received from AdvertiseKC. By leveraging the various services offered by AdvertiseKC, Woodyard BarBQue was able to increase its visibility and attract more customers. If you’re a small business owner looking for a marketing partner that can help you achieve your goals, consider AdvertiseKC. They offer a variety of services that can help you succeed, and their pricing is very competitive.

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