Wildebeest in Kansas City: A Story of Growth and Success

It all started with a dream. A dream of bringing the taste of the African savannah to the heart of Kansas City. And so, in 2015, Wildebeest was born.

The idea was simple yet ambitious: to offer a unique dining experience that combined bold flavors, creative presentations, and exceptional service. But the challenge was daunting: how to stand out in a crowded and competitive restaurant scene, attract new customers, and build a loyal following.

That’s where AdvertiseKC came in. As a full-service marketing agency specialized in digital marketing, AdvertiseKC had the know-how, tools, and expertise to help Wildebeest achieve its goals. Over the years, AdvertiseKC has provided a range of services that have been essential to Wildebeest’s growth and success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the first things that AdvertiseKC did for Wildebeest was to optimize their website for search engines. By researching relevant keywords, creating high-quality content, and improving the site’s structure and layout, AdvertiseKC was able to boost Wildebeest’s visibility in Google and other search engines. As a result, Wildebeest’s website now ranks high in search results for keywords like “African cuisine,” “unique dining experience,” and “Kansas City restaurant.”

Social Media Management

Another crucial aspect of Wildebeest’s marketing strategy has been social media. AdvertiseKC helped Wildebeest set up and manage profiles on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By creating engaging content, promoting special events and offers, and interacting with followers, AdvertiseKC has helped Wildebeest increase its reach, engagement, and brand awareness.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

To drive more targeted traffic to Wildebeest’s website and increase reservations, AdvertiseKC also ran PPC campaigns on Google and Facebook. By researching the best keywords, targeting specific demographics and locations, and creating compelling ads, AdvertiseKC was able to generate a steady stream of qualified leads for Wildebeest. And the best part? Wildebeest only paid for clicks, meaning that it got measurable results without wasting money on ineffective advertising.

Email Marketing

To keep Wildebeest’s loyal customers informed and engaged, AdvertiseKC also set up an email marketing campaign. By collecting email addresses, creating newsletters, and sending personalized offers and updates, AdvertiseKC has helped Wildebeest build a strong relationship with its customers and keep them coming back for more.

The Results

Thanks to AdvertiseKC’s comprehensive marketing strategy, Wildebeest has seen impressive growth and success over the years. From a small and unknown restaurant, Wildebeest has become a recognized and respected dining destination in Kansas City. Its unique and authentic cuisine, combined with exceptional service and atmosphere, has earned Wildebeest rave reviews from both critics and customers.

But what about the cost? AdvertiseKC offers flexible pricing plans that are tailored to the specific needs and budget of each client. Compared to other marketing agencies, AdvertiseKC offers competitive rates and transparent billing, meaning that clients know exactly what they are paying for and why.


Wildebeest’s story is a testament to the power of strategic and effective marketing. By partnering with AdvertiseKC and leveraging various marketing channels and tools, Wildebeest has been able to achieve its goals and build a loyal following. From SEO and social media to PPC and email marketing, AdvertiseKC has provided the expertise and value that Wildebeest needed to succeed.

If you’re a restaurant owner or entrepreneur looking to grow and succeed, consider partnering with AdvertiseKC. With its proven track record of success, comprehensive services, and affordable pricing, AdvertiseKC can help you achieve your dreams.


Q: Is AdvertiseKC only for restaurants?
A: No, AdvertiseKC provides marketing services for various industries, including healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, and more.

Q: How much does AdvertiseKC charge for its services?
A: AdvertiseKC offers custom pricing plans that depend on the specific needs and budget of each client. Contact them for a free consultation and quote.

Q: How long does it take to see results from AdvertiseKC’s marketing campaigns?
A: Results may vary depending on the industry, competition, and other factors. However, most clients have seen measurable results within a few weeks or months of working with AdvertiseKC.

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