Why Broad Targeting is the Key to Successful Facebook Ads

Facebook at its core is a market research and intent creation device. The value of running ads to a “prospecting audience“ is to bring in new potential customers and generate brand awareness at scale. Because interest groups and lookalike audiences are by their nature much smaller and more expensive with respect to CPMs, they do this job much more poorly than broad targeting.

The value of using Facebook for prospecting is not in what you will see as a “day of” AOV over ad spend, which is nearly impossible to control ROAS metric. The value is also not in MER, because much like ROAS, but to an even greater extent, it’s even less impacted by the ads that you’re running on Facebook.

The value in advertising on Facebook is primarily in how it can amplify your existing business model. We measure this by focusing on the incremental lift. What does advertising on Facebook do to every other marketing channel and revenue stream?
Rather than focusing on what revenue we can try to give credit to what ad, to what user, that we were lucky enough to maybe track…
How can we confidently improve our business at the lowest cost and highest confidence effort?

Broad is the single best option for this objective!

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