White Tail Run Winery & Vineyard

White Tail Run Winery & Vineyard

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We aim to create a better wine with more character and flavor that redefines how our customers think of Kansas wines. From the beginning we felt if we can’t sell it we’re the ones who will end up drinking it so it better taste good to us. Apparently others share our tastes and are beginning to notice the difference. So we welcome you to visit us and taste for yourself the difference.

LET US INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR WINES. We think you’ll find one, or maybe more, that you’ll want to take home to meet the family.


CHAMBOURCIN OAKED “A robust hearty wine that is favorite in our tasting room” This is Chambourcin wine that has been aged in Toasted Oak Barrel for approximately 8 months. It has black pepper and spice with some oakiness to it with a nice smokey finish. Pairings: Prime Rib, BBQ, Marinara based pasta dishes

CHAMBOURCIN DRY “Black pepper and spice similar to a Pinot Nior” Our Chambourcin grapes aged instainless with the lowest sugar content. This yields strong black pepper and spice with a light black cherry finish. Pairings: Steak, Meatloaf, Filet Mignon, Smoked Pork Chops

CHAMBOURCIN SEMI SWEET “Our favorite deck wine, this is an easy one to drink on it’s own” Chamourcin grapes, this time with a medium sugar content. It totally transforms the flavors. The pepper and spice are still there playing a minor roll and the Black Cherry takes front stage for a smooth easy drinking wine. Pairings: Dark Chocolate, Pepper jack Cheese

CHAMBOURCIN SWEET “Skip the cake and have this for desert instead” Sweet Chambourcin is the highest sugar content red we make. The result is a fruit forward wine with strong black cherry notes. Pairings: Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Brownies

BUCK NAKED “Fruity red that adds color to your cheeks” Chambourcin with a different yeast. This one we found by accident. The result was a increase in the berry characteristics we never expected. The flavors include blackberry and raspberry. Pairings: Enjoy with friends and a nice view

BLUSHING BUCK “A light red sipper with a buttery creamy nose” A free run Chambourcin wine. The result is a buttery creamy nose with a lot of fruit forward flavors. Pairings: Book Club

DOUBLE BARREL STAG This is our Dry Oak Chambourcin wine finished in a Bourbon barrel. This a red wine drinker’s wine with a hint of bourbon in the nose and finish.


SEYVAL DRY “Crisp white with strong citrus flavors” Seyval grapes with the lowest sugar content of all our varieties. This gives the wine strong citrus flavors and a crisp finish. Pairings: Chicken, Fish, Lighter pastas dishes

SEYVAL SEMI SWEET “Our most award winning and a summertime porch favorite” Seyval grapes with a little more sweetness than our dry. This one is similar to a Pinot Grigio in sweetness. Flavors are very fruity with a crisp citrus finish. Pairings: Summertime

LACROSSE SWEET “Our white desert wine” Sweet LaCrosse is a desert wine that is characterized by fruitiness with a crisp, green apple finish. Pairings: Lemon Tart, fruit pizza

FRISKY FAWN “A deckwine for when you just want to watch everyone else work” This one is a three grape blend with pineapple, green apple and some grapefruit citrus flavors. This one finishes with a crisp tartness. Pairings: You, a deck and a loved one

LACROSSE “Crisp and spicy” Lacrosse grapes are the sole grape for this wine. Flavors include Green Apple and Pear. Pairings: Blackened fish, Grilled shrimp

VIGNOLES “FRUITY!” A Vignoles grape wine with sweeter side. This one has Pineapple and apricot with a grapefruit finish. Pairings: Mild Cheeses

DARING DOE “Refreshing” We have taken our Daring Doe and redone the recipe for 2017. We’ve reworked this white wine with some family secrets for a unique flavor we’re sure you’ll love. Pairings: Warm weather and good friends are sure to bring out the best of this wine.


PEAC “Tastes like biting into a Peach!” Our first fruit wine, this one is always a hit. Tastes just like biting into a ripe peach! Pairings: A good time

STRAWBERRY SANGRIA Summer fun in a glass! Made with fresh fruit juices and needs to be kept chilled.

A little friendly competition is in our roots. So of course we wanted to see how our wines would match up with the competition. We knew they were good but the results have astounded us. Come read about some of our awards we’re most proud of.

We like to think of our Tasting Room as a destination. Whether you are looking to spend a quiet afternoon sharing a new wine with friends or need a smaller venue that is just right for your not-so-big event, we cater to you.

We know that everyone doesn’t have time for a country cruise just to grab that bottle for their favorite occasion or maybe just that evening dinner. So we’ve worked to establish good relationships with some of the area’s best liquor stores. Stop by one of them and pick up a bottle today.