What is the FarmVille Golden Chicken?

What is the FarmVille Golden Chicken?

Few different animals have been as big a sensation during this game as the FarmVille golden chicken. How does one get that? What do you wish to be eligible for one? What is the point of the golden chicken anyway other than extra kudos?

Obtain For FarmVille Cash

The golden chicken is out there at the marketplace but you would like a hefty twenty five FarmVille money to shop for it. Many players are not willing to pay this quantity on this golden one (or maybe convert real cash into FarmVille money either) and like to induce one via different signifies.

What You Would like First

Create sure that you initially have a chicken coop. This will price you 5,000 coins at the marketplace. Why do you wish a chicken coop 1st? While not one, it is simply not potential to hatch your golden chicken from the eggs that you are soon visiting require.

You can nevertheless grab the eggs, however without a chicken coop you will later be kicking yourself after you realised that you simply missed a “golden” opportunity (no pun supposed).

Golden Eggs

You wish to get a golden egg before you will hatch a golden chicken in your chicken coop. The simplest manner to urge one is to watch your news feed and live feed and see when a fan posts a mystery golden egg on their wall. You need to be terribly fast though. Even if just 10 minutes passes by, you will no longer be in a position to say your golden egg. I have got even heard stories of golden eggs being claimed at intervals 10 seconds!

Harvest Your Personal Mystery Gold Eggs

You’ll also build your personal golden eggs by putting your gold chicken into your chicken coop.

Why Is The Gold Chicken So Sought When?

Although less of a “must have” now compared to earlier, you would like to own a neighbour with a golden chicken thus that you will be able to get the golden egg in the primary place to hatch your own golden chicken.

In the early days, there were few people with golden chickens at all. Currently that the population has multiplied many times over, they are a lot of easier to come back by. But, most farms nevertheless do not have any type of chickens in the least that means that that they will still be highly wanted for many months to come back at least!

When most people have a golden chicken then the logical factor for Zynga to try to to is to release a replacement type of chicken. Platinum chicken, anyone?

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