What is the best wood flooring for your remodel?

Hey there, you home beautifiers! 🏠🌳 Struggling with choosing the right wood for your flooring? πŸ€” The truth is, each type of wood offers a unique look, feel, and durability. Oak is a great classic, offering an earthy vibe, while birch shines with subtlety and elegance. Pine has a rustic charm that takes you back to the country cabins, and cherry brings sophistication and class.✨ For those who enjoy the uncommon, extravagance meets exoticism with Santos mahogany or Brazilian cherry.πŸ’« With so many fantastic options, why not let one of Mike Johnson Flooring’s hardwood specialists guide you to choose the best fit! πŸ’― After all, a floor is not just a floor, it’s the foundation of your home! 🏠 ❀️