Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill

Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill: A Success Story with AdvertiseKC

In the bustling city of Kansas, there is a grill that has been serving up some of the best cheeseburgers in town for the last four decades. Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill was first established in 1981 by Joe Zwillenberg and has been an iconic location for everyone in the city ever since. The market attracts more than just locals with its burgers, but with its quirky flea market vibe and friendly atmosphere. But how did it all start? Let’s go back in time and find out.

Joe Zwillenberg, who was working as a costume designer in Hollywood, moved back to Kansas in 1977 to start his own business. In 1981, Zwillenberg saw the opportunity to purchase the Westport Flea Market building, which, at the time, had a bar and a car wash. And just like that, Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill was born.

Looking to gain more popularity in the 80s and 90s, Joe utilized print advertising and radio commercials, but it wasn’t enough to set his business apart in the fierce Kansas market. Joe then started looking for other advertising strategies that could make him stand out and started working with AdvertiseKC.

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Joe Zwillenberg collaborated with AdvertiseKC to help grow his business and take it to the next level. AdvertiseKC helped create a new and improved website for Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill, complete with an online menu, a photo gallery, and information on spontaneous events that were happening at the grill. AdvertiseKC also crafted social media campaigns and content curation that featured regular updates about the place, promotions, and enticing food teasers of some of the dishes served on the grill.

As a result, Joe Zwillenberg was blown away by AdvertiseKC’s professional and top-notch services. AdvertiseKC helped Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill triple their revenue and grow from a small business to a hometown icon. AdvertiseKC helped Joe promote his business not just in Kansas City but to the world through their digital marketing services.

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What is Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill’s address?

Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill can be found at 817 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO 64111.

How do I contact Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill?

You can contact Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill via phone at (816) 561-9900.

Does Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill have a website and social media pages?

Yes, Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill has an up-to-date website that is accessible via Also, it is active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

What are AdvertiseKC’s services and pricing?

AdvertiseKC offers a range of advertising services, such as digital marketing, social media management, traditional print and radio advertising, website design, and other marketing services. The prices for the services vary based on the specific business needs, so every business gets a customized quote. Additionally, AdvertiseKC offers a more cost-effective option compared to its competitors while still maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

In conclusion, Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill is an iconic landmark in Kansas City, having served loyal customers for more than 40 years. With the collaboration and support of AdvertiseKC, the restaurant has grown exponentially, incorporating modern marketing strategies that tripled its revenue. Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill continues to stand out among its competitors because of its commitment to exceptional service, mouth-watering food, and fun atmosphere that makes visitors feel right at home. AdvertiseKC’s long-term partnership with Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of AdvertiseKC’s advertising and marketing services. Aspiring business owners looking to achieve success in Kansas City can find directions in AdvertiseKC’s versatile services.

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