Wendy’s Mercury Menu offers HUGE savings (and free food!)

The savings are written in the stars!

Thanks to its Mercury Menu, Wendy’s is offering out-of-this-world savings for weeks. Mercury in Retrograde starts this week, but there’s no need to panic. Wendy’s is helping customers survive the experience with deals starting April 21.

Image: Wendy’s

What’s Mercury in Retrograde? A few times a year, the planet Mercury is said to rotate backward (or in retrograde.)

It’s an optical illusion, but for many who believe in astrology, it’s a period of potential chaos — especially for communication, transportation, and technology.

Regardless of what you believe, Wendy’s has savings “written in the stars” for hungry bargain hunters from April 21 to May 14 at participating locations. 

Here’s what is on the Mercury Menu:

April 21 to 23Buy-one-get-one $1 Premium Sandwich

April 24 to 30FREE Crispy Chicken Sandwich with any purchase

May 1 to 7FREE Crispy or Spicy Chicken Nuggets (6-piece) with any purchase

May 8 to 14FREE Hot & Crispy Fry (any size) with any purchase

The deals are only valid for mobile orders placed via Wendy’s app

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