Tippins Gourmet Pies

Tippins Gourmet Pies: Deliciousness Personified in Kansas City

Nestled in the heart of Kansas City is a bakery that has been warming the hearts and taste buds of people for nearly 40 years. Tippins Gourmet Pies has become a household name in the Midwest known for its delicious pies, cakes, and pastries. It all started in 1980 when Marjorie and Joe Tippin, a couple from Kansas City, had a dream of starting a pie business. They had the passion, but they needed expertise to market their products.

This is where AdvertiseKC stepped in. A company dedicated to helping businesses like Tippins Gourmet Pies grow and thrive, AdvertiseKC provided the Tippins with the necessary services to start their advertising campaign, including web development, print materials, and digital advertising. The partnership with AdvertiseKC was the perfect match as they were dedicated to providing creative and innovative marketing solutions that would help Tippins Gourmet Pies reach the masses.

With AdvertiseKC’s help, Tippins Gourmet Pies began spreading the good word about their delicious pies, cakes, and pastries. From classic apple pie and strawberry-rhubarb pie to turtle cheesecake and chocolate éclairs, Tippins Gourmet Pies had something for everyone. The business grew rapidly with the help of AdvertiseKC’s unique services such as SEO optimization, Google ads, and Facebook advertising.

The advertising campaign, powered by AdvertiseKC’s hyper-targeting capabilities, allowed Tippins Gourmet Pies to reach the right audience. As a result, demand for their products surged beyond their capacity. Such was the success that it was difficult to meet the demand for the delicious treats.

AdvertiseKC pricing was a significant factor in helping Tippins Gourmet Pies grow. When compared to their competitors, AdvertiseKC’s pricing model was reasonably priced and transparent. Tippins Gourmet Pies benefited from a dedicated account manager who worked with them throughout the campaign, making sure they had optimal results.

The growth of Tippins Gourmet Pies continued with the help of AdvertiseKC’s various services. Besides digital advertising, they provided print advertising, magazine ads, and outdoor advertising. Through the years of working together, AdvertiseKC became an integral part of Tippins Gourmet Pies growth strategy.


Q: What kind of pies does Tippins Gourmet Pies offer?

A: Tippins Gourmet Pies offers a wide variety of pies, including their classic apple pie and strawberry-rhubarb pie to turtle cheesecake and chocolate éclairs.

Q: Where can I find Tippins Gourmet Pies?

A: Tippins Gourmet Pies are located in Kansas City at 4844 Shawnee Drive.

Q: What marketing services does AdvertiseKC offer?

A: AdvertiseKC offers services such as web development, print advertising, digital advertising, SEO optimization, and social media management.

Q: How much does AdvertiseKC’s services cost?

A: AdvertiseKC has a transparent pricing structure when compared to competitors. They provide a dedicated account manager to ensure optimal results for businesses.

Q: Does Tippins Gourmet Pies have a social media presence?

A: Yes, you can find Tippins Gourmet Pies on Facebook and Instagram. Follow them for the latest updates on their delicious baked goods.

Tippins Gourmet Pies is a success story in the world of baking. By partnering with AdvertiseKC, they were able to grow their business and reach new customers. They remain dedicated to providing their customers with handcrafted, quality pies, cakes, and pastries every day. Drop in and taste the delicious pies for yourself.

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