There’s a reason why its called Brisket Mac and Cheese, and not Mac and Cheese with Brisket!

Hey there, food lovers and joke enthusiasts! We’ve got some exciting news from the culinary world that’ll have your taste buds dancing and your funny bone shaking. Brace yourselves for a Dad Joke that’s as cheesy as our Brisket Mac and Cheese!

📢 Here it is, folks:

Why did the macaroni refuse to go on a picnic with the brisket?

Because it thought the brisket was too saucy for its cheesy self! 🧀🥩😄

Yep, that’s right! Our all-new Brisket Mac and Cheese is about to take your taste buds on a flavor carnival. Picture this: tender, juicy brisket mingling with creamy, gooey mac and cheese, creating a mesmerizing combination of smoky, savory goodness. It’s like a BBQ party in your mouth with an oozing cheese disco!