The Secrets of Lead Generation for Local Small Business – Both Online & Offline Marketing Strategies

How do small, local businesses get their products SEEN & SOLD without spending countless hours attending networking meetings and sending out expensive postcards?

Digital Ads Online!

I have worked with clients who were having good success with their pricey direct mail flyer campaigns and spending a lot of time, money and effort to be involved in their local community…

They had even dabbled in Boosting posts, but were disappointed because they didn’t get more than a few more Likes on their business page and were curious what a Facebook Ads expert could do for their business.

So, we got to work optimizing all their digital assets and setting up targeted ads (on both Facebook and Instagram) that were specifically designed to fully saturate their local area and get them in front of the MOST eyeballs possible.

Within a month, one of my clients reported a 39% INCREASE in BRAND NEW customers and another client had 15 new customers PER WEEK coming into their business!

It goes to show that while you might think you’re doing everything you can to get the word out about your business – faithfully posting on your social media pages, networking online AND offline, going to multiple networking events and mixers, sending out postcards or advertising in your local newspapers or magazines…

BUT, if you’re not showing up where the MAJORITY of your ideal clients or customers like to hang out day in and day out – you very well might be leaving LOTS of money on the table (and an open door for your competitors to grab those people first)!


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