The Sad Mythical Creature Known As the MLM Online Marketing System

The Sad Mythical Creature Known As the MLM Online Marketing System

When you first hear MLM online marketing system what comes to mind? Probably a few things amidst the glamor. Logically hearing MLM online marketing system means there is a proven path that has been beaten out for you to use as well. This means it can duplicate, one of the biggest problems in MLM, online or offline. However, the MLM online marketing system as most people know them are in fact a myth.

Most MLM online marketing systems give you the same capture page, same sales letter and the same info product to sell as an affiliate network marketer in an attempt to build your list. Your list being the leads that you attract and build relationships with over time.

Unfortunately most people never realize that these cookie cutter MLM online marketing systems are not what you really need. All these bells and whistles should be learned on your own. There is nothing wrong starting in such a way, but it is important to continually improve to the point where you do not need others systems

Rather that you create your own for yourself and your team specifically.

Another big foul that happens so often with these proven systems that people never actually brand themselves. Even in the day of fast-paced promotions across Google and other internet mediums, it is still people who join people not people joining companies.

An opportunity is only as great as the leadership to get people to duplicate. With everyone promoting the same thing with their MLM system, it is important to duplicate the one thing that has no competition. Yourself.

By creating a system around yourself and your attractive qualities, you’ve created a truly unique selling proposition for your leads to look at. The great thing about this method of marketing is that it is often cheaper than these MLM online marketing systems being sold on every PPC ad out there. And it is far less competitive for you to succeed in because it is different.

The other plus of forming a MLM system around yourself is that you can teach your downline to do the exact same thing. The reasoning being is that everyone has attractive qualities that attracts certain types of people. With the right training, they can find that niche and attract those people to them as well.

It truly becomes a unique “You” inc business model. Since people join people not companies… this form is the most powerful and successful MLM online marketing system known to the industry to date.

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