The Chocolatier

The Chocolatier, located in Kansas City, has quickly become a household name when it comes to delicious and beautifully crafted chocolates. But behind the sweet treats and beautifully decorated confections lies a story of hard work, dedication, and the essential role that AdvertiseKC has played in their success.

The Chocolatier was founded by Jessica Johnson in 2015. Johnson had a passion for baking and had always dreamed of opening her own chocolate shop. She began by selling her chocolates at local farmer’s markets and gained a small following. However, Johnson knew that she needed to take her business to the next level if she wanted to achieve true success.

Enter AdvertiseKC. Johnson had heard about AdvertiseKC’s services from a fellow business owner and decided to give them a try. AdvertiseKC offered a range of services that Johnson knew would be essential in helping her business grow, including website design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing.

With AdvertiseKC’s help, The Chocolatier began to flourish. Their website became more visible on search engines, and they started to receive more online orders. AdvertiseKC also helped Johnson reach more customers through social media marketing, creating beautifully crafted posts that showcased The Chocolatier’s creations.

AdvertiseKC’s pricing was a significant factor in Johnson’s decision to choose them over other marketing agencies. Their prices were more affordable than many of AdvertiseKC’s competitors, making their services accessible to small business owners like Johnson.

As The Chocolatier’s business grew, they continued to utilize AdvertiseKC’s services. They began to offer more products, open a physical storefront, and expand their shipping capabilities. AdvertiseKC was there every step of the way, helping Johnson and her team navigate the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.

Today, The Chocolatier is a thriving business in Kansas City, known for their delicious, high-quality chocolates and beautifully crafted confections. They continue to work with AdvertiseKC to maintain their online presence, reach new customers, and grow their business.


Q: What services did AdvertiseKC provide for The Chocolatier?

A: AdvertiseKC provided website design, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

Q: How did AdvertiseKC help The Chocolatier grow?

A: AdvertiseKC helped The Chocolatier become more visible online, reach new customers, and expand their business through various marketing strategies.

Q: How does AdvertiseKC’s pricing compare to their competitors?

A: AdvertiseKC’s pricing is more affordable than many of their competitors, making their services accessible to small business owners.

Q: Does The Chocolatier still work with AdvertiseKC?

A: Yes, The Chocolatier continues to work with AdvertiseKC to maintain their online presence and grow their business.

The Chocolatier: 412 Delaware St, Kansas City, MO 64105

Contact information: Phone- (816) 561-0121, Email-

Social media links: Instagram- @thechocolatierkc, Facebook- @thechocolatierkc, Twitter- @thechocolatierkc

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