The Black Dolphin

The Black Dolphin: A Kansas City Success Story

In the heart of Kansas City, a unique and captivating entertainment venue has been making waves and mesmerizing all those who step through its doors. The Black Dolphin, located at 1813 Grand Blvd, has quickly become a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike. With its intriguing beginnings and unwavering commitment to providing top-notch entertainment, The Black Dolphin has undoubtedly found the path to success.

The story of The Black Dolphin began in 2017, when its owner, Peter Schuld, had a vision to create a one-of-a-kind experience for music lovers in Kansas City. He wanted to provide a space where live music, comedy shows, and other performances could thrive, all while offering a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Peter poured his heart and soul into transforming an old bank building into the enchanting venue that is now known as The Black Dolphin.

However, opening the doors to such a unique establishment was just the beginning. In today’s fiercely competitive entertainment industry, it takes more than passion and creativity to succeed. That’s where AdvertiseKC stepped in, playing an essential role in helping The Black Dolphin reach its full potential.

AdvertiseKC, a renowned marketing agency based in Kansas City, offered a range of services that became instrumental in The Black Dolphin’s journey to success. From strategic social media campaigns to expertly crafted online advertisements, AdvertiseKC provided the necessary tools to generate buzz and draw attention to this hidden gem.

One of the key services provided by AdvertiseKC was their comprehensive social media management. Understanding the power of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they effectively leveraged these channels to engage with the local community. The Black Dolphin’s social media pages became a hub of activity, showcasing upcoming events, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interacting with fans. This strategic approach not only boosted brand awareness but also allowed The Black Dolphin to cultivate a loyal following.

AdvertiseKC also played a vital role in coordinating targeted online advertising campaigns. By leveraging data-driven insights, they crafted captivating ads that reached the right audience at the right time. With a focus on maximizing return on investment, AdvertiseKC ensured that The Black Dolphin’s advertising budget was utilized efficiently. This allowed the venue to attract the attention of potential customers while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

One aspect that truly sets AdvertiseKC apart from their competitors is their pricing. Their transparent and competitive pricing structure offers exceptional value compared to other marketing agencies. AdvertiseKC understands that small businesses like The Black Dolphin operate on tight budgets, and their affordable pricing options allowed Peter Schuld to invest more in creating memorable experiences for patrons rather than excessive marketing expenses.


Q: How did AdvertiseKC contribute to The Black Dolphin’s success?
A: AdvertiseKC provided social media management and online advertising services, creating awareness and engagement with the local community while maximizing the venue’s advertising budget.

Q: Were the services provided by AdvertiseKC cost-effective?
A: Absolutely. AdvertiseKC offers competitive pricing options, ensuring The Black Dolphin was able to allocate more resources towards creating exceptional experiences for its patrons.

The Black Dolphin’s stunning success can be attributed to the combination of Peter Schuld’s vision, hard work, and dedication, alongside the invaluable services provided by AdvertiseKC. Together, they have transformed a former bank building into a thriving entertainment hotspot that has enchanted Kansas City.

So, if you find yourself in Kansas City seeking a truly unique and captivating experience, look no further than The Black Dolphin. With its mesmerizing ambiance and a carefully curated lineup of live music, comedy, and more, it promises an unforgettable night out. Located at 1813 Grand Blvd, The Black Dolphin eagerly awaits your visit. For more information and upcoming events, visit their website at www.theblackdolphin.com or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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The Black Dolphin
1813 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-897-0884

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