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Sunbelt Solomon: How AdvertiseKC Services Helped Them Thrive in Kansas City

Starting a business is never easy, but it’s even more challenging to make it successful in a highly competitive market. Sunbelt Solomon, a leading roofing and exteriors company in Kansas City, knows this all too well. But their story is one of perseverance, dedication, and the right advertising strategy. In this article, we’ll explore how AdvertiseKC services helped Sunbelt Solomon become the successful company it is today.

The Beginning of Sunbelt Solomon

Sunbelt Solomon was founded in 2005 by David Solomon in Overland Park, Kansas. David had always been passionate about construction and had spent plenty of time working on different roofs. After gaining enough experience and knowledge, he decided to start his own roofing company. He knew that he needed to create a business that specialized in high-quality roofing and had a strong customer service focus. This is where Sunbelt Solomon was born.

David’s company started small, with only a few employees and limited services. But the team had a tremendous work ethic, attention to detail, and a willingness to go beyond conventional norms to make their customers happy. This professionalism quickly set Sunbelt Solomon apart from other roofing companies in the region.

As the company started achieving success, David realized that he needed to grow his business beyond Overland Park. He started expanding his services to other areas, including Kansas City, Missouri. That’s when he turned to AdvertiseKC – a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing customized and comprehensive solutions for local businesses.

AdvertiseKC’s Role in Building Sunbelt Solomon’s Success

AdvertiseKC played a critical role in helping Sunbelt Solomon grow and thrive in Kansas City. The company provided a suite of services that helped the business achieve its goals. This included website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and video production. AdvertiseKC’s services helped Sunbelt Solomon achieve visibility, attract new customers, and increase revenue.

One of the great things about AdvertiseKC’s services is that they are affordable. Sunbelt Solomon was able to access top-notch marketing services without breaking the bank. AdvertiseKC pricing is very competitive compared to other advertising agencies in the area. This allowed Sunbelt Solomon to get the best value for their money and allocate more resources to other business needs.

Website Design

One of the first services Sunbelt Solomon benefited from was AdvertiseKC’s website design services. The company’s old website was outdated, unresponsive, and hard to navigate. AdvertiseKC’s team designed and developed a new website that not only looked great but also provided a better user experience. The new site was intuitive, mobile-friendly, and optimized for conversions. It also showcased Sunbelt Solomon’s services and expertise in a way that was easy to understand.

Search Engine Optimization

AdvertiseKC’s SEO services helped Sunbelt Solomon rank higher on search engines and attract more organic traffic. The company’s team optimized Sunbelt Solomon’s website for various keywords related to roofing and exteriors. They also created a local SEO strategy that helped the company appear in local search results. As a result, Sunbelt Solomon received more targeted traffic and generated more leads.

Social Media Marketing

AdvertiseKC’s social media marketing services helped Sunbelt Solomon reach a wider audience and engage with customers. The company’s team created and managed social media accounts that helped Sunbelt Solomon establish a strong online presence. They also ran targeted ad campaigns that helped the company generate more leads and increase conversions. Sunbelt Solomon was able to build a loyal following on social media, which helped them stay top-of-mind with customers.

Video Production

AdvertiseKC’s video production services helped Sunbelt Solomon create high-quality videos that showcased its services and expertise. The company’s team produced videos that highlighted Sunbelt Solomon’s unique selling points, such as their attention to detail, customer service, and quality workmanship. These videos were used on the website and social media and helped Sunbelt Solomon stand out from the competition.


Q: What services does Sunbelt Solomon offer?
A: Sunbelt Solomon specializes in roofing and exteriors services. This includes roof repair, replacement, and installation, as well as gutter repair and installation, siding installation, and more.

Q: Where is Sunbelt Solomon located?
A: Sunbelt Solomon has two locations. The first is in Overland Park, Kansas, at 7520 Frontage Rd. Suite A. The second is in Olathe, Kansas, at 20627 W 191st St.

Q: How can I contact Sunbelt Solomon?
A: You can contact Sunbelt Solomon by phone at (913) 712-0037 or by email at info@sunbeltsolomon.com.

Q: What is AdvertiseKC pricing?
A: AdvertiseKC pricing is very competitive compared to other advertising agencies in the area. They offer affordable packages that can be tailored to fit different business needs and budgets. This allows local businesses to access top-notch marketing services without breaking the bank.


Sunbelt Solomon’s story shows that with the right advertising strategy, any business can achieve success. From website design to SEO to social media marketing, AdvertiseKC’s services helped Sunbelt Solomon grow and thrive in a highly competitive market. Their affordable pricing and customizable packages allowed Sunbelt Solomon to access high-quality marketing services without breaking the bank. Sunbelt Solomon is a true testament to the importance of investing in effective and comprehensive advertising solutions.

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