Stewart Easterbrook, Starcom MediaVest Group at Advertising Week Europe 2014

Starcom MediaVest Group’s Stewart Easterbrook at Advertising Week Europe 2014

Stewart Easterbrook, Executive Director of Performance and Digital Development, Europe at SMG, shares insight on the industry’s transition to mobile and describes the celebratory atmosphere at this year’s Advertising Week Europe.

The industry’s transition to mobile is a key theme being discussed at Advertising Week Europe 2014, Easterbrook explains. He states that consumers are way ahead of advertisers and agencies in terms of the transition into mobile, and even though more than half of consumers’ time is on mobile, only 14% of revenue is generated from this sector. Easterbrook believes that the joining of data technology and content in the mobile space has slowed the transition of investment into mobile.

Sharing his thoughts on why Advertising Week Europe is such a fantastic event, Easterbrook concludes that it has a sense of fun and is celebratory, where industry leaders and clients come together to share their views, not just case studies.

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