Stay Out of MYSPACE Or I'll Slap Your FACEBOOK!

Stay Out of MYSPACE Or I’ll Slap Your FACEBOOK!

People who blog annoy me! Why must people think I have any interest at all in their personal life and opinions? Can’t we go back to the day where their was no internet, no Facebooks, no MySpace, no personal web pages…..NO OPINIONS WHATSOVER! Its bad enough that you are even reading anything that I am writing. You don’t know me so why should you even care what I write, yet someone out there with nothing better to do is going to spend the entire day surfing the web and reading this nonsense. Do I sound bitter? Maybe just a little but for good reason. Listen I have no problem at all with people feeling the need to improve their business or status through social networking on the web if it is working. Its 2009 and in order to keep up with the competition you either have to get on board or get left behind. My problem is the people who have no purpose in blogging except to feel important. Have a purpose!

Most of these social networking sites originally started out with a purpose, but unfortunately it seems more and more people have turned the focus from networking to “look at me!!!!” People using MySpace and Facebook click on random people’s names that they either don’t even know or haven’t seen in 10 years just so they can gloat about how many friends they posted and who’s in their top 5. I overhear comments like this all day long especially from the younger generation and I think to myself, if you’re actually arguing about which friends of yours should be in your top 5 come find me so I can slap you! Or better yet, try adding me on as one of your friends in face book so I can cyber slap you .

Ok, now that I got your attention my purpose for writing all of this is not to insult anyone, but to show the rest of the bloggers out there that when writing down opinions you should always end it with a purpose. Opinions are fine, but should always have a purpose! My purpose being let me use some of my anger, insults, and bitterness to somehow catch your eye and make you keep reading. Eventually as I type more and more in this article you will see that I am leading up to something good, leading up to a purpose. So what is it?

I work for a successful automotive parts store that can credit a majority of its success by using the internet and other social networking sites for growth. Its amazing how many people nowadays really are interested in what other people are writing or saying, even if it is just an opinion. We’ve been successful because instead of just joining a phenomenon like MySpace or Facebook to say “look at me!”, we’ve thought outside the box and thought about ways we could use these sites to bring in more business.

In almost every personal profile out there, people love to talk about and show photos of their favorite things one being cars. Jackpot!!!!! A database of millions of car owners right in front of me and all that want is to be my friend! I can tell by your photo that you love that car of yours, so why not market something that can make that car look or ride even better. All it takes is one happy customer to refer me to one of their many friends on Facebook or MySpace, then they will tell their friends, then their friends will tell more friends, etc…etc….etc…….! Sales is largely based on word of mouth, and in the year 2009 word of mouth can easily get to a database of over 100 million people in minutes. So I ask you again, what is my purpose??? My purpose is to use catchy titles and opening paragraphs so you will eventually be interested enough in what I look like and what I sell! I promise I won’t cyber slap your Facebook if you become my friend today, if you’re luck you may even become one of my top 5 customers!

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