Staffingpreneurs: The Staffingpreneurs Academy Facebook Group is Officially Closing 👀

The Staffingpreneurs Academy Facebook Group is Officially Closing

We have two Facebook Groups:

1. Start a Staffing Biz FB Group:
For ANYONE who is interested in Starting and Launching and Running and Scaling their staffing business (recruiting and executive search too. A lot of nurses, IT professionals and other specialties hang out here. There is roughly 5500 people in this group. Check it out if you have not yet been there. It’s the #1 Group on Facebook for professionals looking to start a staffing business.

2. The Official Staffingpreneurs Academy Facebook group where you have to be a paying member to get access.

And that’s the one I want to talk to you about today. The Official Facebook group where you have to be a paying member to get access is shutting down in 10-Days.

Since 2015, we’ve made Facebook our meeting place, our “home base” so to speak.

And it’s been amazing how we have been able to come together, commune, share, and really get to know each other, learn from each other, and grow.

But you know…

all things must come to an end….

And while this is the end of our Facebook Journey as a community, we can now become a strong force, working together for our community while building our legacy’s..together…


That’s where your courses and coaching programs are.

We now have the ability to:

Take the Staffingpreneurs Academy program and courses,
Meet with my other Staffingpreneurs (in our own private and secure space), ANNNNNNDDD
See what classes, events, guest coaches, fireside chats, clinics, call reviews, and Q&A classes are happening and when.

Talking about taking coaching, training, and consultancy to another level…

I made a quick video to give you more info. Take a look at it here, and then let me know what you think. I am eager to hear your feedback.

Don’t be shy… say HELLO!!!

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