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AdvertiseKC for Business

Here at we do things a little different. We rely on Supporters rather than advertisers. We bring our supporters right to our local KC community. This is unlike any other place you have promoted your business in the past. Take advantage while you can

AdvertiseKC The First "All in One" Sponsorship Program Designed to Remove the Overwhelm, Frustration and Confusion with Online Marketing in KC While Getting Your Business Massive Exposure Through Local Influencer Marketing

  • NEW! Supporters can Interact with our Kansas City Facebook Groups with over 100,000+ members.
  • NEW! Supporters can Go LIVE in our Kansas City Facebook Groups with over 100,000+ members.
  • NEW! Supporters can Post Promotional/Advertisement in our Kansas City Facebook Groups  with over 100,000+ members once a week. Yes, links are allowed!
  • Featured Ad post shared weekly in our Kansas City Facebook Groups with over 100,000+ members. These posts are also shared across social media platforms to over 1,500,000+.
  • Featured Business Directory listing in our Kansas City Business Directory.
  • Featured Post shared monthly in our Kansas City Business Directory and in our Kansas City Facebook Groups with over 100,000+ members.
  • Promoted regularly on our Kansas City Facebook Groups, Newsletters, Posts in the Group to our Directory and Facebook Ad promotions.

AdvertiseKC decided long ago that the large social media platforms have all of the people we want to reach without having to build a website to find them. We decided to build large local communities/groups within the platforms rather than trying to compete with the platforms. Our decision to change our system has resulted in us being a major influencer in our KC Communities.

So we created hundreds of Communities/Groups on all the platforms for every topic nationwide. We took our KC groups and decided to offer Local Businesses the opportunity to be a part of each of these communities. Not many people own as many KC communities as we do which makes this hard to achieve let alone replicate. This isn't being done in other cities yet. 

We own our own KC communities and can provide AdvertiseKC Sponsors exclusive advertising rights and the influence needed to provoke engagement. Become an AdvertiseKC Sponsor today and once inside, I break down how we do this in more detail. Let us show you how works and what type of results your company can expect from our KC Advertising Community.