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The Smithville Farmers Market in Smithville, MO has evolved into a thriving local marketplace that embodies the essence of community. But it wasn’t always this way; it took a great deal of effort and dedication to get to this point. This charming town sits just outside of Kansas City, so it’s not surprising that its markets are sought out by both locals and tourists alike.

The Smithville Farmers Market began like many other markets in the region – a group of farmers and artisans coming together to offer their goods to the local community. But for the Smithville Farmers Market, this small gathering of vendors transformed into a bustling industry that has quickly become a local staple.

So, how did the Smithville Farmers Market accomplish this feat? The answer lies in the targeted advertising campaign executed by AdvertiseKC.

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The initial stage of the campaign for the Smithville Farmers Market involved market research and demographic analysis – understanding the needs and wants of their target market. The AdvertiseKC team then meticulously crafted a bespoke marketing plan that would reach out to their desired audience.

To achieve this, AdvertiseKC implemented a multifaceted marketing approach that included several different services: social media management, targeted Google AdWords campaigns, and email marketing.

Social media played a critical role in the initial stages of market expansion. By establishing a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, the Smithville Farmers Market was able to connect with potential visitors and promote their vendors’ high-quality produce, homemade crafts, and other wares.

AdvertiseKC also leveraged Google AdWords campaigns to ensure Smithville Farmers Market was appearing prominently in search results for relevant keywords. This was critical in ensuring that people searching for local farmers markets found the Smithville Farmers Market before any of its competitors.

Finally, AdvertiseKC also utilized email marketing to reach out to its customer base. Emailing updates about upcoming markets, promotions, and contests helped the Smithville Farmers Market stay in the forefront of everyone’s mind and drive traffic to our location.

In terms of pricing, AdvertiseKC’s rates were extremely competitive. They charge far less than premium marketing agencies without sacrificing quality. AdvertiseKC’s affordability and effectiveness was something that appealed to the Smithville Farmers Market during its initial consultation. Moreover, AdvertiseKC was able to ensure the marketing campaign achieved maximum reach and effectiveness.

The end result of the marketing work undertaken by AdvertiseKC is that the Smithville Farmers Market has become more than just a place to pick up fresh produce. It’s a destination for lovers of locally-sourced, organic products, where one can enjoy activity-filled days outdoors in the sunshine. The success achieved by the Smithville Farmers Market is a testament to the effectiveness of AdvertiseKC’s marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How often are the markets held?
A: The Smithville Farmers Market is held between April and October on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon. The exact dates of the markets can be found on the Smithville Farmers Market Facebook page or on their website.

Q: What type of vendors can visitors expect at the market?
A: The Smithville Farmers Market has an array of different vendors, from fresh produce and meats to homemade crafts and pottery. Furthermore, vendors will change each market day so visitors can expect something new every time.

Q: Where is the market located?
A: The Smithville Farmers Market is located at Third and Main streets in the historic downtown area of Smithville, MO.

Q: How can I become a vendor at the market?
A: If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, you can visit the Smithville Farmers Market website for more information on the application process and requirements.

Q: How can I get in touch with someone to learn more about the Smithville Farmers Market?
A: For more information about the market, its vendors, or renting a booth space, you can contact the Smithville Farmers Market through their Facebook page or by emailing them at

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