Ruby Jeans Juicery

Ruby Jean’s Juicery: A Healthy and Inspirational Beginning

Ruby Jean’s Juicery is not your ordinary juice bar. This locally-owned business in Kansas City has a special touch of personality and inspiration that sets it apart from the others. The Ruby Jean’s philosophy which centers on human connection, community, and wellness, has allowed it to grow into a thriving enterprise. With over six years of operation, the juice bar’s success story is remarkable.

Starting Ruby Jean’s Juicery

The Ruby Jean’s Juicery story starts with the inspiration that its name originates from: Ruby Jean. She was Ruby Jean’s owner, Chris Goode’s, late grandmother. Ruby Jean was an inspiration in Chris’s life and her passion for cooking wholesome meals from scratch left an indelible mark on him.

Chris recalls the moment he got inspired to open Ruby Jean’s Juicery. He was running an urban apparel store that was across the street from a juice bar. One day while finishing a meal at the juice bar, Chris looked around and realized there was something missing – a juice bar with the same local and community mindset that his grandmother embodied. He knew it was his calling to create something much bigger than himself. With that, Chris left behind a successful career to create a place that honors his late grandmother’s legacy.

AdvertiseKC: An Essential Partner in Ruby Jean’s Success

Chris had no previous experience in the restaurant or juicing industry. However, he was determined to make a difference and quickly established a vision for Ruby Jean’s Juicery. One vital component for success was getting the right team on his side. Soon after opening, Chris partnered with AdvertiseKC, a digital marketing agency that specializes in local businesses.

AdvertiseKC came onboard to create an effective marketing plan for Ruby Jean’s Juicery, which included their web design, social media strategies, and SEO. Chris was impressed by their deep understanding of his offline business’s needs and industry insights. AdvertiseKC worked closely with Chris to come up with a customized plan that would be effective for his store’s needs. They became an indispensable partner to the Ruby Jean’s Juicery team by providing them with cutting-edge solutions that brought results.

The AdvertiseKC team enhanced Ruby Jean’s Juicery digital presence, making them more accessible to potential customers. They also helped the juice bar integrate different marketing strategies that helped them stand out against their competitors. AdvertiseKC created a local SEO strategy to optimize their Google My Business page with helpful information like store hours, addresses, photographs, and FAQs.

Their social media management services were another way AdvertiseKC helped Ruby Jean’s Juicery build a solid digital footprint. AdvertiseKC created social media content that increased Ruby Jean’s Juicery networks’ online presence, thus increasing their online visibility. This improved their website’s traffic and was essential in increasing their sales. Overall, AdvertiseKC helped Ruby Jean’s Juicery achieve online sustainability before the business was established enough to attract many loyal customers.

AdvertiseKC Pricing Compared to Competitors

One of the most appealing benefits of AdvertiseKC’s partner services for business owners like Chris is their pricing. Compared to many of their competitors, AdvertiseKC marketing solutions are much more affordable. AdvertiseKC offers customized solutions for your specific business needs aimed at helping business owners save money while increasing their brand’s visibility and sales. AdvertiseKC offers a no-obligation free consultation to evaluate a business’s current online performance, and they will create a customized plan to help improve it.


How do I order from Ruby Jean’s Juicery?
Ruby Jean’s Juicery is both a walk-in and online purchase store. They offer online ordering via their website’s ordering form, or you can also download their ordering app from their online platforms’ links.

What time can I order from Ruby Jean’s Juicery?
Ruby Jean’s Juicery is open from 8 AM to 4 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays.

What types of payment does Ruby Jean’s Juicery accept?
Ruby Jean’s Juicery accepts cash and all traditional credit and debit cards.

Where is Ruby Jean’s Juicery located?
Ruby Jean’s Juicery is located in three Kansas City locations: Waldo, River Market, and 39th St.

Contact Information for Ruby Jean’s Juicery

Waldo Location
3000 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109 (816) 605-1012

River Market Location
1111 Main St. Kansas City, MO 64105 (816) 379-6416

39th St. Location
4245 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111 (816) 656-5418

Social Media Links for Ruby Jean’s Juicery

Ruby Jean’s Juicery Website:

In conclusion, Ruby Jean’s Juicery has managed to turn their past experiences into an inspirational and thriving business. Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision, which is supported by AdvertiseKC solutions, nurtured a business model that uplifts human connections, community, and wellness. Rudy Jean’s Juicery exemplifies how teaming up with a cutting-edge digital marketing agency like AdvertiseKC can be the difference between entrepreneurship success and mediocrity. Visit to learn more about AdvertiseKC services and pricing.

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