Reddit Teams Up With Omnicom Media Group To Scale Advertising

Reddit teams up with Omnicom Media Group to scale advertising

Reddit has established a potential enterprise partnership agreement with Omnicom Media Group to scale up its advertising. This agreement will enable various strategic and commercial benefits to Reddit and eventually scale-up the advertising business on Reddit. Partnership with Omnicom Media Group will also result in the client of the advertising agency receiving additional perks into tapping the 52 million daily active users.

Advertising agency OMG and Reddit are also developing brand safety on the platform through OMGโ€™s Council on Accountable Social Advertising. This will provide tools and a range of options to advertisers equipping them to choose where their ads will appear.

This agreement will help OMGโ€™s clients avail some of the functionalities like Redditโ€™s education and training tools, innovation offering, early ad product, feature testing, measurement and reporting, data, and unique insights capability. OMG has a reach to more than 5000 clients in over 100 countries, and a majority of them will now be able to gain access to these new Reddit ad benefits. All these benefits will help OMGโ€™s clients to execute campaigns on the platform with increased efficiency.

Reddit has been continuously working to clean-up its platform over the last few years to maximize its ad potential. However, back in June last year, the platform removed over 2,000 subreddits after re-calibrating over its hate speech policies.

Reddit is not a significant consideration in social ad space. Still, deals and agreements like this underline the rising popularity of Reddit in the domain, which can be seen as a silver lining for the upcoming ad campaigns.
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