Pros And Cons Of Online Marketing Surveys

Pros And Cons Of Online Marketing Surveys

Surveys have already come out of their shells and started flooding the world of the web. Online surveys evolved from its ancestors which were in the forms of paper and pens back then. Now, they pride themselves through the use of computer peripherals and, of course, Internet connection. Surveys found online thrived in diversity. One of which is the online marketing survey. The online marketing surveys are very handy in helping companies make marketing decisions and strategies. But just like any other online survey, it also have some benefits and disadvantages over the traditional one.

The following are advantages of online marketing surveys:

Less cost, fast response. Let’s face it. Putting up online marketing surveys are less expensive compared to print and phone surveys and the responses may be in just a few minutes after you have posted your survey online.

Higher response rates. Since answering online marketing surveys takes just a click of a mouse or a press of a key, the average number of responses tend to soar unlike those of the traditional way where some respondents are too lazy to write down or even check or encircle their answers. When these respondents have completed these online marketing surveys, one click on the Submit button does it all. Data are sent in nanoseconds. The manual surveys however require considerable amount of time and resources to be sent back.

Responses on rare and private cases. If you will develop a traditional survey regarding rare illnesses or unusual names or certain situations like being unfaithful to your partner, chances are you’ll barely find any respondent and if you did, they might not be that very cooperative. The internet offers privacy and the whole world at your fingertips. If your online marketing surveys involve these rare cases, then there won’t be much of a problem.

Technical problems unfortunately surround the world of online marketing surveys and most of the time cannot be avoided. These include:

Power outage, computer logs and system breakdowns. There is a possibility that a respondent can not finish answering online marketing surveys due to these technical problems. This may result to missing or lost data or, on the part of the respondents, loss of interest or chance to complete the survey.

Confusing error messages or prompts. Though, it’s a piece of cake to publish online marketing surveys. Developing and programming them is not and the most common problem when it comes to coding are “bugs”. One can overlook certain error messages and prompts that are misleading and, instead of helping the respondents, worsen the situation. These “bugs” should be eliminated and this can be done through series of testing, recoding and debugging to ensure that the survey is easy to navigate and to answer and is user-friendly.

Possibility of multiple data entry. There are some online marketing surveys that require unique answers from distinct individuals. However, since the survey is available online, people may have a multiple access and multiple opportunities to answer the same survey.

Whatever the pros and cons of online marketing surveys, it is still widely used by businesses nowadays which proves that there may be disadvantages to any system or process but what’s important is preventing the cons from outweighing the pros.

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