Praveen Mohan: Unfiltered Discussion on the Most Pressing Issues | #stringvinod [No Ads in Middle]

(0:00) – Intro
(1:32) – Common thing between String and Praveen Mohan
(3:21) – What is the issue with you and Dhruv Rathee?
(5:57) – Media against Hindus
(11:36) – Social Media Platform beginning in India
(14:23) – YouTube open warning to support Ukraine in war
(18:03) – What is the meaning of STRING?
(18:27) – My First Video on YouTube –
(21:27) – Blatant Lies in History – Nehru Gandhi Teresa
(25:30) – What it takes to make one video? How much money do I earn from YouTube?
(29:00) – YouTube Slaves / A famous man who doesn’t have a phone – David Childress
(36:24) – What happens after 2024? BJP or Congress?
(38:30) – I want to destroy Hindu’ism’. HINDUTVA vs HINDUISM
(43:45) – Religion vs Dharma
(46:21) – Sadhguru Haters: Mouth Shutting Answer to Hindus who mistake Sadhguru
(51:38) – Fasting Cures Cancer. Example of Ashrams who cures cancer even today
(53:42) – Science vs Superstition
(56:48) – How do you find such astonishing things on temple walls? e.g. Telescope
(1:02:26) – Archeologists cannot openly say Ancient India is more advanced than Modern world
(1:09:51) – The Real Power of Praveen Mohan
(1:10:41) – Desperately Taking Credit vs Giving/Serving people – Bharat Culture
(1:13:02) – Temples are the encyclopedia.
(1:14:00) – Western science is a copycat of Indian Sages (Vaisesika sutra) and Vedas
(1:15:09) – All civilizations started in Bharat – Veerabramhendra Swami predictions
(1:18:15) – What are your future plans? [uncover the real History]
(1:21:15) – People are sure Prophet Muhammad exists but why doubt Sri Krishna?

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