Podia vs. Facebook Groups (Facebook Groups alternative)

We surveyed 600+ creators and of those who run their communities on Facebook Groups, 9 out of 10 wished they could switch. So we made something for them! Watch and learn why Podia’s community feature is the Facebook alternative you’ve been looking for.

00:00 – Podia vs. Facebook Groups (Facebook Groups alternative)
00:30 – Feature comparisons
01:28 – Why creators switch to Podia

A more detailed look at specific features
02:36 – Membership plans
03:27 – Freedom from the algorithm
04:02 – Sell digital downloads, coaching, and courses
05:33 – Create your own website
06:29 – Marketing features
06:54 – Pricing comparison
07:20 – Podia’s Free plan
07:31 – Other Podia plans

Learn more about Community from Podia: https://podia.com/community
Tiny Shiny Homes: https://products.tinyshinyhome.com/homies
Emily Mills (Sketchnote academy): https://courses.sketchnoteacademy.com/
Blaze Women’s Network: https://www.blazeknowledgeacademy.com/blaze-knowledge-membership

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/podia
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/podiadotcom

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