Plowboys Barbeque

Plowboys Barbeque in Kansas City is a story of passion, dedication, and the partnership between a barbeque restaurant and one of the leading marketing agencies, AdvertiseKC. In just a few years, Plowboys Barbeque has become one of the most popular and successful restaurants in Kansas City. The restaurant’s journey towards success started with a clear vision, authentic Kansas City barbeque, and targeted marketing strategies. AdvertiseKC played a significant role in helping Plowboys Barbeque achieve its goals through a range of marketing services targeted at enhancing customer engagement, driving sales, and building brand loyalty.

The Beginning of the Plowboys Barbeque Journey

Plowboys Barbeque was born out of a passion for BBQ shared by Todd Johns and his teammates at a local competition BBQ team. With a vision to create the best BBQ restaurant in Kansas City, Todd and his team set up the first Plowboys Barbeque in 2013. The initial approach was simple, offer traditional Kansas City-style BBQ and let the flavors speak for themselves. Soon, the word spread, and the restaurant started attracting customers from all parts of the city, state, and beyond.

The Role of AdvertiseKC in the Plowboys Barbeque Success Story

AdvertiseKC has been a key partner in the Plowboys Barbeque success story. The marketing agency provided a range of services that helped the restaurant enhance its brand loyalty, customer engagement, and sales. Here are some of the ways AdvertiseKC helped Plowboys Barbeque:

1. Digital Marketing Services

AdvertiseKC’s digital marketing services helped Plowboys Barbeque increase its online visibility, improve customer engagement, and drive more sales. The agency optimized the restaurant’s website for SEO, created targeted social media ads, and produced engaging content that resonated with the target audience. Their social media marketing helped Plowboys Barbeque connect with customers on different social media platforms and build a loyal following.

2. Print Marketing Services

AdvertiseKC also provided print marketing services that helped Plowboys Barbeque reach out to potential customers who prefer to read print materials. The agency designed and printed flyers, brochures, and menus that promoted the restaurant’s unique selling proposition and menu items.

3. Promotional Marketing Services

AdvertiseKC’s promotional marketing services helped Plowboys Barbeque introduce new menu items, attract repeat customers, and generate more sales. The agency created loyalty programs, offered discounts, and organized promotional events that created buzz around the restaurant.

AdvertiseKC Pricing Compared to Competitor Pricing

AdvertiseKC’s pricing is highly competitive compared to other marketing agencies in the same market. The agency provides customized marketing strategies that are tailored to each client’s unique needs and budget. They offer transparent pricing and provide detailed reports that highlight the ROI for each campaign. At AdvertiseKC, customers get value for their money, and the agency’s dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none.

FAQ Section

1. What are the working hours for Plowboys Barbeque?

Plowboys Barbeque is open from 11 am to 8 pm, Monday through Sunday.

2. What is the restaurant’s address?

Plowboys Barbeque is located at 1111 Main St #100, Kansas City, MO 64105.

3. How can I book a table at Plowboys Barbeque?

You can book a table at Plowboys Barbeque through their official website or by calling them at (816) 221-7569.

4. How can I contact AdvertiseKC?

You can contact AdvertiseKC by visiting their website,, or by calling them at (816) 912-5979.

5. What social media links does Plowboys Barbeque have?

Plowboys Barbeque is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can follow them at @PlowboysBBQ.

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