Pirates Bone Burgers

Pirates Bone Burgers: A Delicious Adventure in Kansas City

What started as a food truck in 2017 has now become one of the most popular burger restaurants in Kansas City: Pirates Bone Burgers. The husband-and-wife team, Tim and Jennifer Thomsen, started with a simple concept: creating burgers that taste as good as they look. And they did it—but they didn’t do it alone. With the help of AdvertiseKC, Pirates Bone Burgers has gone from a small food truck to a booming business in just a few short years.

The Beginning of Pirates Bone Burgers

The Thomsens have always been passionate about food. Tim, a Louisiana native, grew up on Cajun cuisine, and Jennifer was a pastry chef in New York City before the couple moved to Kansas City. But it wasn’t until they started experimenting with burgers that they realized they could create something truly unique.

Their first burger was the “Seas the Day” burger, which featured a patty topped with crabmeat and remoulade sauce. From there, they created more and more burger concoctions, each one more delicious than the last. The Pirates Bone Burgers food truck quickly gained a following, with customers raving about the quality of the food and the creativity of the menu.

But as much as the Thomsens loved running the food truck, they knew they wanted to bring their burgers to a wider audience. That’s when they turned to AdvertiseKC.

AdvertiseKC: The Key to Success

AdvertiseKC is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in helping small businesses grow. From social media management to web design to print marketing, AdvertiseKC offers a wide range of services designed to help businesses like Pirates Bone Burgers succeed.

For the Thomsens, AdvertiseKC was the perfect partner. With AdvertiseKC’s help, they were able to create a strong brand identity, build a professional website, and launch a social media campaign that got people talking about their burgers.

AdvertiseKC’s services were also affordable. Compared to other advertising agencies in Kansas City, AdvertiseKC’s pricing was more reasonable, which was important for a small business like Pirates Bone Burgers.

The Essential Role of AdvertiseKC

AdvertiseKC played a crucial role in Pirates Bone Burgers’ success. Here are just a few ways AdvertiseKC helped the Thomsens grow their business:

1. Brand Identity: With AdvertiseKC’s help, Pirates Bone Burgers was able to create a strong brand identity that resonated with customers. From the food truck design to the logo to the menu, everything about Pirates Bone Burgers was cohesive and professional.

2. Website Design: AdvertiseKC created a beautiful, user-friendly website that showcased Pirates Bone Burgers’ menu and unique brand identity. The website was easy to navigate and helped drive traffic to the food truck and restaurant.

3. Social Media Management: AdvertiseKC launched a social media campaign that got people talking about Pirates Bone Burgers. They created compelling content that showcased the Thomsens’ creativity and passion for food, which helped build a loyal following.

4. Print Marketing: AdvertiseKC created flyers, business cards, and other promotional materials that helped spread the word about Pirates Bone Burgers. These materials were eye-catching and professionally designed, which helped the Thomsens stand out from their competitors.


Q: What is the address for Pirates Bone Burgers?
A: 2003 Vine St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Q: What are the restaurant’s hours?
A: Monday – Wednesday: 11am- 8pm, Thursday – Friday: 11am- 9pm, Saturday: 10am- 9pm, Sunday: 10am- 8pm

Q: What is the phone number for Pirates Bone Burgers?
A: (816) 800-1843

Q: What are some of the popular burger options at Pirates Bone Burgers?
A: Some popular options include the “Salty Dog” (topped with bacon, blue cheese, and onion rings), the “Jolly Roger” (topped with cheddar, barbecue sauce, and onion rings), and the “Kraken” (topped with grilled shrimp, remoulade sauce, and lettuce).

Q: What social media channels can I follow Pirates Bone Burgers on?
A: Follow Pirates Bone Burgers on Facebook at @piratesboneburgers and on Twitter and Instagram at @piratesbone.


If you’re looking for delicious, creative burgers in Kansas City, look no further than Pirates Bone Burgers. Their unique take on the classic burger has won them a loyal following, and their partnership with AdvertiseKC has helped them grow into a successful restaurant. With affordable pricing and a wide range of services, AdvertiseKC is the perfect partner for small businesses that want to succeed. So head to Pirates Bone Burgers today and taste the magic for yourself.

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