PCG Digital Marketing

PCG Digital Marketing in Kansas City is a company that has been consistently improving and thriving in the world of digital marketing. They started small, but have since expanded their services and reach to become one of the leading firms in their industry. Through a mix of hard work, expertise, and the help of an excellent advertising partner like AdvertiseKC, they have been able to achieve this impressive status.

PCG Digital Marketing was founded in 2005, and at that time, the digital marketing industry was still evolving and in its early stages. They initially only offered website design, development, and search engine optimization (SEO) services. However, they quickly realized that they needed to expand their services if they wanted to grow and remain competitive. They subsequently added services like social media management, mobile app development, and video production to their list of offerings.

One of the critical factors that have contributed to PCG Digital Marketing’s success is their collaboration with AdvertiseKC. They have been working together since 2011, and this partnership has helped the company grow exponentially. AdvertiseKC offers various advertising services such as Google Ads, social media advertising, and programmatic advertising that have helped PCG Digital Marketing attract more customers and generate more revenue.

One of the services AdvertiseKC offers that have been particularly beneficial to PCG Digital Marketing is their programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising involves using artificial intelligence and algorithms to determine the best ad placements and target audience, allowing for more precise and efficient ad campaigns. This type of advertising has helped PCG Digital Marketing reach a wider audience and increase their return on investment (ROI). AdvertiseKC’s pricing for programmatic advertising is competitive, with rates ranging from $0.01 to $3 per impression compared to competitors, which can be several times higher.

Another essential service that AdvertiseKC provides is their Google Ads campaign management. Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an advertising platform where businesses bid on keywords to have their ads appear on Google search pages. AdvertiseKC’s team of experts knows how to optimize campaigns, perform keyword research, and conduct A/B testing to achieve maximum results from Google Ads. They have helped PCG Digital Marketing to make the most of their Google Ads campaigns and outperform their competitors.

Of course, AdvertiseKC is not the only factor in PCG Digital Marketing’s success story. They have a team of experts that includes website designers, developers, content creators, social media managers, and SEO specialists. These professionals are continually staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the digital marketing industry, which allows them to create effective campaigns that produce results for their clients.

PCG Digital Marketing’s headquarters are located at 8700 Indian Creek Parkway, Suite 280 Overland Park, KS 66210. For those interested in getting in touch with PCG Digital Marketing, they can call (877) 839-1122 or fill out the contact form on their website,

In conclusion, PCG Digital Marketing is an example of a company that has successfully adapted and evolved to meet the needs of the digital marketing industry. They have partnered with AdvertiseKC to provide their clients with exceptional advertising services that have helped them grow and achieve success. From programmatic advertising to Google Ads campaign management, AdvertiseKC has helped PCG Digital Marketing achieve significant ROI on their ad spend. If you want to level up your digital marketing efforts, PCG Digital Marketing and AdvertiseKC is a partnership you can trust.


Q: What is programmatic advertising?
A: Programmatic advertising is an automated method of buying ad inventory using AI and algorithms, allowing you to target a specific audience and pay only for ad impressions that matter.

Q: What services does AdvertiseKC offer?
A: AdvertiseKC offers a range of advertising services like Google Ads campaign management, social media advertising, programmatic advertising, and more.

Q: How does AdvertiseKC’s pricing compare to competitors?
A: AdvertiseKC’s pricing for programmatic advertising is competitive, with rates ranging from $0.01 to $3 per impression compared to competitors, which can be several times higher.

Q: What services does PCG Digital Marketing offer?
A: PCG Digital Marketing offers a variety of digital marketing services, including website design, development, SEO, social media management, mobile app development, and video production.

Q: Is PCG Digital Marketing located in Kansas City?
A: Yes, PCG Digital Marketing is located in Overland Park, KS. Their address is 8700 Indian Creek Parkway, Suite 280 Overland Park, KS 66210.

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