Parkville Sweets

Parkville Sweets: A Sweet Success Story in Kansas City

Parkville Sweets is a household name in Kansas City for fulfilling everyone’s sweet cravings. However, this famous confectionery was not always at the top of its game. It took numerous efforts, strategies, and support from advertising agencies like AdvertiseKC to help them reach unprecedented heights of success.

Starting with a small storefront in Parkville, Missouri, Parkville Sweets started humbly, with its founders, sisters Kelsey and Kailyn, building the shop from scratch. They made all their candies, baked goods, fudge, chocolates, and other hand-crafted treats in their kitchen every day to keep their customers salivating for more. They sourced their ingredients from as many local suppliers as possible, ensuring that they supported the community they were a prominent part of.

They added unique twists to their traditional recipes, using curated flavors and methods that set their delicious products apart from the rest. This was one of their first ways of differentiating themselves from the competition in the market.

However, as much as they worked hard on their products, they realized that getting the word out there was the key to success. That’s when they sought the help of advertising agencies, and their journey to success took flight. Enter: AdvertiseKC.

AdvertiseKC is one of the leading advertising and marketing agencies in Kansas City, Missouri, with services centered on promoting and growing small and medium-sized businesses. One of their primary services is search engine optimization, getting your business to land first on Google and other search engines by strategically placing keywords, improving website speed, and backlink building, among other things.

Once Parkville Sweets partnered with AdvertiseKC, they started to see a significant increase in web traffic and in-store visitors. Through their partnership with AdvertiseKC, Parkville Sweets experienced unprecedented growth, reaching over 100,000 followers across different social media platforms, and having their products reach the hands of notable customers like the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals.

The digital marketing strategies employed by AdvertiseKC for Parkville Sweets were not limited to search engine optimization but a complete revamp of the website, social media pages, and other digital platforms. AdvertiseKC used email segmentation, PPC advertising, and content marketing to boost traffic, leads, and sales.

AdvertiseKC’s unique and ever-improving marketing tactics were achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing channels. Their pricing is known for being reasonable compared to competitors, which is undoubtedly an appealing selling point for small businesses such as Parkville Sweets.

AdvertiseKC offers a tiered packaging system, where a business can select the package that best suits them. Their packages range from Basic, starting at $500 per month, to Comprehensive, at $2,000 per month. The packages contain a mix of services such as SEO, Adword management, custom reporting, and email marketing, among others.


Q: What is Parkville Sweets’ address?
A: Parkville Sweets is located at 111 Main St, Parkville, MO 64152.

Q: What is Parkville Sweets’ contact number?
A: Parkville Sweets’ contact number is (816) 888-4522.

Q: What is Parkville Sweets’ social media handle?
A: You can follow Parkville Sweets on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@ParkvilleSweets).

In conclusion, the success story of Parkville Sweets is a testament to how hard work, uniqueness, and smart digital marketing strategies can take a business to new heights. AdvertiseKC’s exceptional marketing tactics have been instrumental in making Parkville Sweets’ sweet journey towards success a reality. As a full-service digital marketing agency, AdvertiseKC remains a reliable and affordable option for small and medium-sized businesses in the Kansas City area and beyond.

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