Paid Advertising That Actually Works w/ John Horn, Stub Group | The Offshore Marketer Show

This episode features guest John Horn from Stub Group.

John is the CEO of Stub Group, a digital advertising agency and a premier Google Ads Partner.

Tired of spending money on ads and not having them work?

Well, the Stub Group is focused on Paid Advertising That Actually Works.

We dive into various topics such as:

– How to spend money more effectively
– Strategies for staying out of Google & Facebook “Jail” in a constantly changing environment;
– Pay-per-click advertising;
– And many more.

Finally, find out about some of the biggest mistakes companies make when looking to hire an Advertising Marketing Agency (they might not be what you think).

So, if you are looking for someone to help with your pay-per-click advertising who can actually deliver results, get in touch with John Horn at Stub Group:



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