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Ottawa Farmers Market Ottawa KS

Ottawa Farmers Market: Celebrating Local Agriculture in Ottawa, KS

In the heartland of Kansas stands the quaint town of Ottawa, known for its rich agricultural history and sprawling farmlands. Here, the Ottawa Farmers Market has become a thriving hub for local farmers, artisans, and craftsmen to showcase their products and connect with the community.

The Ottawa Farmers Market began nearly a decade ago, founded by a group of dedicated local farmers who wanted to provide an outlet for their fresh produce and handmade goods. At the time, there was no centralized marketplace for these products, and many farmers struggled to sell their goods beyond the occasional roadside stand or farmers market stand.

The founders of the Ottawa Farmers Market recognized this gap and set out to create a solution. They worked tirelessly to secure a permanent location in downtown Ottawa, where farmers and vendors could set up shop every Saturday morning and offer their wares to the public.

Slowly but surely, the market began to gain traction, drawing in more vendors and visitors every week. Today, the Ottawa Farmers Market has become a staple of the community, attracting a diverse crowd of locals and tourists alike.

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In addition to AdvertiseKC’s support, the Ottawa Farmers Market has also succeeded through their commitment to local agriculture and sustainability. They prioritize vendors who use environmentally-friendly and ethical farming practices, and encourage visitors to learn more about the importance of supporting local farmers.

Many visitors to the Ottawa Farmers Market appreciate the wide range of products available, from fresh produce to handmade jewelry to baked goods. They also enjoy the lively atmosphere, with live music and activities for children creating a festive atmosphere. It’s truly a community event that brings together people from all walks of life in a celebration of the best that Ottawa has to offer.

For those interested in visiting the Ottawa Farmers Market, they’re located at the corner of Main and 3rd Street in downtown Ottawa, KS. The market is open every Saturday from 8 am until noon, rain or shine.

To learn more about the Ottawa Farmers Market and their vendors, visit their website at They’re also active on social media, with accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Q: Does the Ottawa Farmers Market offer parking for visitors?
A: Yes, there is plenty of street parking available in the surrounding area.

Q: How do vendors apply to participate in the Ottawa Farmers Market?
A: Prospective vendors can find the application form on the market’s website and submit it for review.

Q: What types of products are typically available at the Ottawa Farmers Market?
A: Visitors can expect to find seasonal produce, baked goods, handmade crafts, fresh flowers, and more. The offerings may vary from week to week depending on the availability of vendors.

Q: Is the Ottawa Farmers Market pet-friendly?
A: Well-behaved dogs are allowed as long as they’re kept on a leash and under control at all times.

Q: Does the market accept credit cards or only cash?
A: Many vendors accept credit cards, but visitors should come prepared with cash as some may not have the ability to process electronic payments.

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