National Pi Day 2023 Deals in Kansas City

No math necessary on National Pi Day.

National Pi Day deals in Kansas City

National Pi Day is on March 14 and celebrates the Greek letter Pi “π” which represents the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter that equals around 3.14. Hence, Pi Day is on March 14. Not only that, but the fourteenth of March is also Albert Einstein’s birthday so it’s a pure mathematician’s delight.

You don’t have to be a genius or a math nerd to enjoy this growing list of National Pi Day deals in Kansas City.

Be sure to click the links and read all the details for each Pi Day freebie, discount or deal. Sometimes participation at national chains vary so confirm with your selected location before you head out or order.

Kansas City National Pi Day Deals 2022

Happy National Pi Day Kansas City!

7-Eleven: The numbers definitely add up to big savings at 7-Eleven on National Pi Day. 7Rewards members can enjoy any whole pizza for only $3.14 in-store or via the convenience store’s app. In many cases, it’s more than 50% off the regular price. Limit two pizzas per member. 

Cici’s: Do you really love pizza? And lots of it? Cicis is offering its popular all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for just $3.14 on March 14. The offer is available for dine in only. Expect long lines on National Pi Day! Plus, for those looking to celebrate National Pi Day at home, customers can order two large one-topping pizzas to-go for just $5.99 each. 

Domino’s: Even though the chain isn’t offering any deals specific to National Pi Day, families can still enjoy saucy savings at Domino’s. The chain’s current carry-out special lets customers throw a pizza party without breaking the bank. Get any pizza with up to three toppings for $7.99

Hen House: Local grocer Hen House stores satisfy your sweet tastes. March 14, one day only, you can get a slice of Tippin’s pie for (you guessed it) $3.14. Pie lovers can choose from apple, cherry, pumpkin, or French silk.

Minsky’s Pizza: On March 14, save $3.14 off a large gourmet pizza or boneless wings. The offer is good for dine-in, delivery or carryout. You must show the VIP coupon when ordering. Online orders should use code: 314. If you’re not part of Minsky’s VIP program, you can sign up for free.

Pizza Hut: The popular national chain may not be offering any National Pi Day deals, but Pizza Hut always offers lots of ongoing specials and discounts. Right now, one of its better deals is the $10.99 Tastemaker promotion. Get a large pizza with up to three toppings for just $10. Plus, you can take advantage of Pizza Hut’s ongoing Big Dinner Box and feed the whole family on the cheap. 


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