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Over the years we have suggested to our clients that the people they need to be talking to are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the place to do business because they have around 575 Million people actively looking for opportunities. Every business owner and almost every employee is on LinkedIn and accessible to you to reach out and pitch to.

Having access to such a large pool or leads insures a large targeted audience no matter how small your industry might be. There is enough leads to keep any business busy for years. Since most employees are on LinkedIn as well, it’s easy to reach the target. When there is a target that you can do business with, it’s possible to contact several employees to assist you in reaching the right person. This brings huge potential for not just a lead but a long term relationship with your targeted businesses on many levels.

Everyone knows that this can be time consuming. All the clicking needed to get results isn’t something most people can commit to. It’s easy to start but not sustainable to a lot of people You need a service like those celebrities and corporations have where people do that for you. Those celebrities login when they have time and still get to enjoy the benefits of full time account manager.

Most services offer Ad Management instead of Account management. Ad Management isn’t what you need. Ad Managers are simply brokers that work between you and LinkedIn. They have no real ability to bring in leads. They take your money and give it to LinkedIn minus their cut. They can’t guarantee anything since they are a middle man. In almost every case middlemen are an added expense to an already expensive process.

MyLinkedInPro is the place to find a LinkedIn professional to manage your account. A professional that can take your account to the next level without worrying if you are doing it right. MyLinkedInPro provides clients with the exact service that you see the viral accounts are getting.