Mildreds Coffeehouse

Mildred’s Coffeehouse in Kansas City: How AdvertiseKC Fostered Growth and Success

Mildred’s Coffeehouse has been a staple in the Kansas City coffee scene since its modest beginnings in 2010. Mildred’s, named after founder Jill Silva’s beloved grandmother, quickly became known for their signature blend of craft coffee, craft food, and community engagement. Their dedication to quality and their customers has led the shop to become a beloved fixture in the Kansas City community, while AdvertiseKC’s suite of services has helped Mildred’s grow in both influence and size.

A Modest Beginning

Mildred’s Coffeehouse was originally a small storefront in Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District, offering a wide range of espresso drinks, baked goods, and light meals. They quickly developed a loyal following of coffee enthusiasts and food lovers, as they promoted their vision of providing exceptional coffee and food in a warm and inviting space. However, competition in the coffee and restaurant market in Kansas City was fierce, particularly with larger chain stores moving into the area.

Mildred’s owners knew that to succeed in this competitive market, they needed a way to reach more customers, build stronger relationships with their existing ones, and ultimately grow their presence in the community. This is where AdvertiseKC came in.

AdvertiseKC’s Integration

AdvertiseKC provided an array of services that proved crucial to Mildred’s growth and success. They started with a small package that addressed the restaurant’s website, social media presence, email marketing, and online listings. The package proved to be a significant boost to Mildred’s online presence, resulting in increased visibility and traffic to their website.

AdvertiseKC’s strategy for Mildred’s involved leveraging the impressive reputation the restaurant already had established in the community. The focus was on expanding their reach while keeping the business’s unique appeal completely intact. AdvertiseKC achieved this through targeted advertisements, social media management, and search engine optimization. They identified Mildred’s unique selling points and positioned them in front of the right audience, leading to a significant increase in online engagement.


Mildred’s saw a significant increase in their customer base, generated by a growth in their social media presence and online content. AdvertiseKC’s tailored campaigns resulted in improved online reviews, enhanced customer engagement, and ultimately, increased sales. Mildred’s has since expanded its offerings beyond coffee and desserts to full meals, catering to larger events, and opening other locations in Missouri.

AdvertiseKC’s Pricing

AdvertiseKC provides a range of pricing and service options that Mildred’s could take advantage of. They are affordable compared to similar marketing services that often charge more for much less. AdvertiseKC’s transparent billing structure allows clients to get the full scope of services with no hidden fees.


1. What is AdvertiseKC?

AdvertiseKC is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow and compete in their respective markets.

2. How did Advertise KC Help Mildred’s Coffeehouse?

AdvertiseKC helped Mildred’s Coffeehouse by creating a comprehensive package tailored for their specific marketing needs. This resulted in increased online visibility, customer engagement, online presence, and ultimately, increased sales and brand awareness.

3. How affordable are Advertise KC’s services?

AdvertiseKC’s prices are competitive and transparent. They provide customizable services at an affordable price point compared to similar services in the market.

Visit Mildred’s Coffeehouse

Mildred’s Coffeehouse is located at 1821 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64108. They can be reached at 816-471-1100. Mildred’s is also on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as @mildredscoffee. Come and try Mildred’s signature blend of coffee, exceptional teas, hearty soups, sandwiches, salads, and homemade pastries. You won’t be disappointed.

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