Mi Ranchito

Mi Ranchito in Kansas City: From Humble Beginnings to Success with AdvertiseKC

Mi Ranchito, a family-owned Mexican restaurant founded in 2004, has grown into a popular dining destination in and around the Kansas City area. The restaurant’s success story is grounded in a commitment to authentic Mexican cuisine and top-notch service, but it was the support of AdvertiseKC marketing services that gave them the boost they needed to take their business to the next level.

In the early days of Mi Ranchito, the restaurant had a slow start. The owners invested heavily in creating a unique dining experience with a menu that features traditional Mexican dishes and specialties from each region of Mexico. They crafted a serene and intimate restaurant ambiance to welcome their guests. However, despite their dedication to excellent food and hospitality, Mi Ranchito was not reaching enough customers.

The owners realized they needed to grow their customer base. They understood the value of marketing, especially in today’s digital age, but they did not have the expertise or resources to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. This is where AdvertiseKC came in.

AdvertiseKC is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, website design, and video production. Their marketing campaigns are designed to fit their clients’ needs, whether it be to increase customer foot traffic, build brand awareness, or generate leads. AdvertiseKC stepped in to help Mi Ranchito grow and connect with their community, a turning point in their success story.

AdvertiseKC began by conducting thorough market research, identifying key target audiences and their behavior, and then crafting customized marketing strategies to reach them. The first step was to develop a user-friendly website where potential customers could view the restaurant’s menu, learn about their unique dishes, and make reservations. They also optimized their website for search engines and used social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – to establish a social media presence that reached more and more people every day.

One of the most significant contributions of AdvertiseKC was in creating compelling and visually appealing video content that captured the essence of Mi Ranchito’s unique dining experience. They created videos to promote new food dishes, highlight and showcase key menu items, and celebrate the restaurant and its customer community. AdvertiseKC produced and distributed these videos through social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, and they were enthusiastically received by a growing number of followers.

Another marketing strategy used was email marketing, which is a targeted approach to reaching customers directly through email. AdvertiseKC collected emails from subscribed customers, offering them exclusive deals and promotions through email campaigns to attract new diners. AdvertiseKC’s email campaigns themselves inspired customers to return to Mi Ranchito to try new menu items, dine with friends, or celebrate special occasions.

AdvertiseKC’s incremental approach was both results-driven and cost-effective. The pricing for their services fell well within the range of what businesses such as Mi Ranchito could afford. For example, AdvertiseKC’s website design service was priced at $500 less than what other marketing agencies proposed. Their video production service was also found to be significantly less expensive compared to other video production firms.

The owners of Mi Ranchito credit AdvertiseKC for their success. By leveraging AdvertiseKC’s digital marketing services, they grew their customer base and saw a significant increase in their business revenue. AdvertiseKC’s comprehensive marketing strategies enabled Mi Ranchito to get their message in front of people in a way that was engaging, effective, and affordable.

As the restaurant continues to grow, AdvertiseKC continues to support them in all areas of marketing, from social media to email campaigns to video production, the experts at AdvertiseKC are always by their side. They continue to help Mi Ranchito thrive and stay ahead of their competition.


What is the address of Mi Ranchito?
Mi Ranchito has multiple locations across the Kansas City area, and you can find the nearest one to you with their map locator. The most popular location is the one at 5704 Johnson Dr, Mission, KS 66202.

How do I get in touch with Mi Ranchito?
You can contact Mi Ranchito by emailing them at information@miranchitokc.com or calling them directly at 913-432-8965.

What social media platforms is Mi Ranchito on?
Mi Ranchito is active on Facebook (@miranchitomex), Twitter (@miranchitomex), and Instagram (@miranchitomex).

What is AdvertiseKC, and what services do they offer?
AdvertiseKC is a full-service marketing agency specializing in digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, website design, and video production. Their marketing campaigns are designed to fit their clients’ needs, whether it be to increase customer foot traffic, build brand awareness, or generate leads.

How did AdvertiseKC help Mi Ranchito grow its business?
AdvertiseKC helped Mi Ranchito grow its business by developing a user-friendly website to showcase their menu and establish an online presence. They optimized the website for search engines and grew Mi Ranchito’s social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They produced and distributed engaging video content through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. They facilitated email campaigns that directly reached out to subscribed customers and offered exclusive deals and promotions to attract new diners. AdvertiseKC provided incremental, results-driven, and cost-effective digital marketing strategies that helped Mi Ranchito reach a broader audience and grow its customer base.

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