Manny’s Mexican Restaurant

Manny’s Mexican Restaurant is a well-known spot in Kansas City, offering some of the best tacos and margaritas in the city. However, before the restaurant became a hot spot for foodies and locals alike, the team behind the business had to put in a considerable amount of work to create the perfect recipe for success. AdvertiseKC played a critical role in helping Manny’s Mexican Restaurant achieve its current status as a must-visit destination restaurant in Kansas City.

In the mid-2000s, Manny’s Mexican Restaurant started as a small, family-owned business, serving classic Mexican dishes to the local community. While the food was always delicious, it wasn’t until Manny’s started to focus on incorporating fresh and local ingredients in their recipes that the restaurant began to attract attention. The word-of-mouth marketing that followed brought in new customers, but the owners knew that they needed to do more to grow their business.

That’s where AdvertiseKC came in. The local marketing and advertising agency was brought on board to help Manny’s Mexican Restaurant reach a wider audience and expand its customer base. AdvertiseKC provided the restaurant with a comprehensive marketing plan, including signage, online advertising, social media management, and email campaigns, all tailored to the needs and goals of Manny’s.

One of the first things AdvertiseKC did was to work on Manny’s online presence. The restaurant’s website was outdated and lacked important information, such as the menu and hours of operation. AdvertiseKC created a new website and optimized it for search engines, making it easier for new customers to find Manny’s on the internet. The agency also created and managed social media profiles for Manny’s on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with posts that showcased their delicious food and drinks, special events, and promotions to lure customers in.

In addition to online marketing, AdvertiseKC also helped Manny’s with their in-store branding. The agency designed and produced new menus, signs, and promotional materials that elevated the restaurant’s brand and conveyed the irresistible taste of their food and drinks. AdvertiseKC also helped Manny’s create a customer loyalty program that rewarded frequent diners, a tactic which encouraged repeat business and helped drive up profits without any additional advertising expense.

Throughout the partnership between AdvertiseKC and Manny’s Mexican Restaurant, the agency provided ongoing support, tweaks, and updates to the restaurant’s marketing plan as the business continued to grow and evolve. And Manny’s was not alone, AdvertiseKC has been helping dozens of local businesses succeed in the same way. Their cost-effective pricing model and personalized approach to each client made them a favorite among businesses in the Kansas City area. For small businesses like Manny’s Mexican Restaurant, AdvertiseKC’s affordable pricing model puts the power of local marketing and advertising within reach.

Of course, there are other marketing agencies out there, but many of them come with steep prices that are simply not feasible for small businesses. AdvertiseKC, however, understands the struggle and provides a range of pricing options: a significant advantage for small businesses trying to increase their online presence and grow their customer base. Manny’s Mexican Restaurant would have struggled to achieve its current level of success without AdvertiseKC’s services.

For those interested in connecting with Manny’s Mexican Restaurant, the establishment is located at 207 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64108. You can also reach them by phone at 816-221-4800, or visit their website at to make a reservation or to just check out their menu.

Let’s not forget about social media! Connect with Manny’s Mexican Restaurant on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for delicious food and drink photos and updates, promotions, and creating online buzz. Follow them on Facebook at @mannyskc, on Instagram at @mannys_mexican_restaurant, and on Twitter @mannys_mexican.


Q: How much does AdvertiseKC cost?
A: AdvertiseKC offers different pricing packages, starting from very affordable monthly fees. Contact the team at AdvertiseKC to learn more and to get a custom quote for your business.

Q: How has AdvertisKC helped Manny’s Mexican Restaurant?
A: AdvertiseKC help improved Manny’s online presence with a new website and SEO optimization, created social media accounts and managed the channels, designed promotional materials, and created a loyalty program for repeat customers.

Q: Does AdvertiseKC only work with small businesses?
A: No, AdvertiseKC works with a wide range of businesses of varying sizes throughout the Kansas City area.

In conclusion, Manny’s Mexican Restaurant has become a staple of Kansas City’s food scene. The restaurant’s emphasis on using fresh and local ingredients paired with AdvertiseKC’s exceptional marketing and advertising services – including website development and social media management – have helped the restaurant achieve its current success. Businesses, particularly small enterprises, can learn from Manny’s experience and AdvertiseKC’s personalized approach to marketing that can help any business succeed in a competitive market. So why not connect with AdvertiseKC today and learn how they can elevate your brand and help you achieve and exceed your business goals?

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