Making Your Online Marketing Dollars Work Hard For You

Making Your Online Marketing Dollars Work Hard For You

Did you know there is more advertising being done right now than there ever has been in the history of our planet?

Have you been caught up in the online marketing frenzy that has been gaining ever increasing momentum over the last 10 years? If so, then I’m sure you understand why.

Before the advent of the Internet, regular people didn’t really do much marketing. Now you only have to mention the words eBay, Google,, or any other of the many companies that offer online marketing for the masses, to realize that everyone and their brother is getting in on the act.

This transition from – virtually no marketing, to – everybody marketing presents us with its own problems though. Namely, very few people now marketing something or other online know how to do it properly.

If you are trying to do online marketing in the new millennium you’d better get good at if you want to stand out from the crowd.

So what can you do has an online marketer to really stand out from the crowd? Here are a few useful tips that will help you word your ads in a more effectively.

  • Ask a question. This gets people’s attention more than stating a comment. Rather than writing,Nice bicycle for sale, write, Would you like to ride a nice bicycle home today?
  • Shock them. We know it works on radio, just looking at the host of shock jocks on the job these days, but it also works in online marketing. Without being offensive write something that will make the person looking at the ad looked twice.
  • Reverse the general theme of the surrounding ads. If all the online marketing-ads on the page are basically saying, Buy this e-book, reverse it and make yourself stand out from the crowd. You might try something like, Don’t buy this e-book whatever you do.
  • Duplicate the best. Keep an eye on the online marketing ads on the pages you are marketing on. See which ones stay around. They are the ones to “copy” because if they continue to advertise week after week, they must be making money. The ads must be paying off. So without ripping them off, rewrite their ads in a slightly different way.
  • Basic marketing techniques really never change, and that applies online or off. But subtle intricacies, inventiveness and creativity, can make the difference between your online marketing being successful or not.

    Use these techniques to better your online marketing efforts and stand out from the ever-growing crowds.

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