Learn Google Ads 2023 – When Google Ads Suggests A Data-Driven Attribution Model, What Do You Do?

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Google Ads is suggesting changing my Attribution model from linear to data-driven. So data-driven is the new, I won’t say the default, but it is heading that way because with the way the algorithm and the AI is, I would also recommend that you switch over to data-driven. It has got a lot more data points than we have because we are pretty much looking at a handful of metrics like cost per click, conversion rate, CTR and so on. Data-driven has got a lot more data points and I would highly recommend you do that.

Since this is a new default now from Google Ads. Is it a good practice to change this model? It’s not a practice, it’s just a default Attribution model which will give you better performance. In my humble opinion, it will impact the performance of your Ads for a few days because the Attribution is being realigned and you might see a sudden drop in conversions or conversion rates and so on. Don’t panic, don’t make any knee-jerk reactions and make sudden changes to the account. Let it run for a few days and you will find that it has come back to where it was before.

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