Learn Google Ads 2023 – How To Get More Sales From YouTube Ads

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As a beginner, if our motive is to get more sales from YouTube ads then which goal should I choose between maximize conversions and CPV. All right. So those of you who are not sure about what is maximize conversions and CPV? Maximize conversions is a bidding strategy where you’re telling Google to get me as many conversions as possible. I don’t care about the well, we do care about the cost, but don’t care about the cost. And get me conversions as many as you can at any cost, Right? CPV is the cost per view.

How much are you prepared to pay for a view? So when somebody views your video and you are running a video campaign if your goal is to get more sales or leads in somebody else’s case, I would go with max conversions and initially get 40, 50 conversions in that campaign. Then you will know your average CPA, Right? How much are you getting a lead or a sale for? And then you set up your target CPA or target ROAS. So initially, I would recommend that you go with this.

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