Kansas City Renaissance Festival Fairy Princess Weekend

Kansas City Renaissance Festival Fairy Princess Weekend: A Magical Experience Made Possible by AdvertiseKC

In the heart of the Midwest, the city of Kansas is a hub of creativity, culture, and fun. One event that has stood the test of time in this city is the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. This outdoor festival is a beloved tradition for many locals and visitors alike and offers a unique glimpse into a world of medieval history, art, and cuisine.

The Renaissance Festival started as a small event in the 1970s, but over the years, it has grown into an attraction that draws thousands of visitors each year. The festival now spans eight weekends, and each weekend is dedicated to a different theme. One such weekend is the Fairy Princess weekend, a magical experience designed for children and families.

The Fairy Princess Weekend at the Renaissance Festival is a time when fairies, elves, and magical creatures come out to play. The festival is transformed into a whimsical land with vibrant colors, enchanting music, and fascinating performances.

The festival owes much of its success to the dedicated team at AdvertiseKC. The company has been an integral part of the festival’s growth and success, providing a range of marketing and promotional services to help it reach a wider audience.

AdvertiseKC helped spread the word about the Fairy Princess weekend by using a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies. They set up a website for the festival, designed engaging social media campaigns, and ran print ads in local newspapers and magazines. Their team also helped the Renaissance Festival secure sponsorship from local businesses, which helped reduce the festival’s costs and enabled it to offer more activities and performances.

One of the key advantages of AdvertiseKC over its competitors is its affordable pricing. AdvertiseKC offers a range of services at a fraction of the cost of other marketing and advertising agencies. The company prides itself on providing a professional service that is accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, and the Kansas City Renaissance Festival is a prime example of how they help local events thrive.

The festival organizers are grateful for AdvertiseKC’s support and attribute much of the festival’s success to their efforts. The combination of effective marketing and a unique experience has made the Fairy Princess weekend one of the most anticipated events of the year.


Q: What is the Fairy Princess weekend at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival?
A: The Fairy Princess weekend is a special event held during the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City. It features a magical land of fairies, elves, and other fantastical creatures.

Q: When is the Kansas City Renaissance Festival Fairy Princess weekend?
A: The Fairy Princess weekend takes place during one of the eight weekends of the Renaissance Festival. Check the festival’s website or calendar for dates.

Q: How can I purchase tickets for the Fairy Princess weekend?
A: Tickets can be purchased online, at the festival’s box office, or through select retailers.

Q: Is the festival suitable for children?
A: Yes, the festival is designed with families and children in mind. The Fairy Princess weekend is particularly geared towards kids.

Q: What services does AdvertiseKC offer?
A: AdvertiseKC provides a range of marketing and advertising services, including website design, social media campaigns, print advertising, and sponsorship coordination.

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