Just Salad

Just Salad in Kansas City: A Story of Growth and Success

Just Salad, the fast-casual salad chain, has become a popular destination for healthy food options in Kansas City. With a focus on sustainability, fresh ingredients, and an innovative menu, Just Salad has emerged as a game-changer in the fast-food industry. The journey of success for Just Salad was not easy, but it was made possible with the help of AdvertiseKC, the premier advertising agency in Kansas City.

In the beginning, Just Salad owned a single store in New York City, with a simple goal to provide healthy food options for busy New Yorkers. Since its inception, Just Salad had a clear vision: to create a sustainable, healthy, and delicious food experience that would make people happy and healthy. The success of the first location paved the way for the opening of several other locations in NYC, and soon Just Salad became a household name in the healthy food community.

However, with the growth of the business came a need for expansion. Just Salad started to look for locations outside of New York to offer their unique blend of salads and delicious sides. One of the locations they decided on was Kansas City, where they opened their first store on the Country Club Plaza, one of the city’s most iconic areas.

Just Salad teamed up with AdvertiseKC to launch their restaurant and ensure its success. AdvertiseKC is known for its strategic marketing plans and innovative ideas, and they helped Just Salad by creating an integrated marketing campaign utilizing various services. These services included social media advertising, email marketing, SEO, and billboard advertising. Together, these services helped Just Salad convey its message to a broader audience and build brand awareness.

The social media advertising campaign was essential for Just Salad’s success in Kansas City. AdvertiseKC created targeted ads for Facebook and Instagram and helped Just Salad build an organic following. The social media campaign helped Just Salad stay top-of-mind and allowed them to target the audience they were seeking.

AdvertiseKC also created a robust email marketing program that kept Just Salad’s customers engaged. They sent out weekly newsletters and promotions to customers and used data to track customer behavior. With the email marketing program, Just Salad was able to keep existing customers engaged, while also acquiring new ones.

AdvertiseKC made use of SEO practices to improve Just Salad’s website and ensure their message was heard. With proper keyword research, AdvertiseKC was able to achieve page-one rankings on Google and other search engines, resulting in increased online visibility.

Lastly, AdvertiseKC created billboard advertising to create brand awareness. They strategically placed billboards near the Just Salad location, which increased walk-in traffic and brand recall. The billboard advertising also acted as a conversation starter, with people talking about the campaign online and in person.

AdvertiseKC was able to provide these unique advertising services to Just Salad at an affordable cost as compared to their competitors. The pricing was not only affordable but also completely transparent. The team at AdvertiseKC provided a detailed breakdown of all services providing a clear idea of all the expenditures involved. Such dedication to transparency and affordability was a primary reason for AdvertiseKC’s success and ultimately played a vital role in Just Salad’s success in Kansas City.


Q: What is the address for Just Salad in Kansas City?

A: The address for Just Salad in Kansas City is 4743 Central St, Kansas City, MO 64112

Q: What is the contact information for Just Salad in Kansas City?

A: You can reach Just Salad at their Kansas City store by calling (816)-287-9127.

Q: How can customers order from Just Salad in Kansas City?

A: Customers can order online through the Just Salad website or the Just Salad app, which is available for download on both Apple and Android devices.

Q: What social media accounts does Just Salad in Kansas City have?

A: Just Salad in Kansas City can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In conclusion, Just Salad’s story of growth and success in Kansas City highlights the importance of strategic marketing campaigns, and AdvertiseKC has played a crucial role in helping Just Salad achieve its goals. By utilizing various services provided by AdvertiseKC, Just Salad was able to convey its message to a broader audience and build its brand awareness. With AdvertiseKC’s affordable and transparent pricing, Just Salad was able to make use of various advertising services without worrying about excessive costs and no transparency. It’s no wonder Just Salad has become a staple of healthy food options in Kansas City.

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