Jobs Out West with Related Facebook Groups

This is the first in a series of videos showing the related Facebook Groups and the corresponding URL to connect to that particular Facebook Group for Landscape Contractors, Medical Services, Professional Services, Rolling Employers, Roofing Contractors, Small Businesses, and Work From Home. This is an exercise to get job posters and job seekers to utilize the assorted Facebook Groups while I work on the Word Press pages that will offer the more detailed job information.
This video will offer the user the links to copy and paste the Facebook Group URL and join the group to look at the assorted tools that are available for a job posting and job searching. Each Facebook Group will have an assortment of tools that will be used to place a job opening for employers, and a place for job seekers to look for a job.
Presently, people are primarily using the main Jobs Out West – Wellington and Royal Palm Beach Facebook Group to post job information. The purpose of this video is to show the additional resources at the other Jobs Out West Facebook Groups that will make their job placement more fruitful. By copying and pasting the URL for the respective Jobs Out West Facebook Group their job placement and job search will get them closer to their quest.

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